‘Sex and the City’ Star Cynthia Nixon Just Announced She’s Running For New York Governor

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon in her video announcement for candidacy for New York governor
Twitter / @CynthiaNixon

Last year, Sex and the City fans were disappointed to learn that, after plenty of drama between the four main actresses, the third movie was indefinitely shelved. That’s right, we’re not going to see much more of Carrie, Samantha, or Charlotte, but get read to see a lot more of Miranda — well, Cynthia Nixon.

The Sex and the City star recently took to Twitter to announce her candidacy for New York governor, meaning she’ll go head-to-head with current governor Andrew Cuomo.

People on Twitter had a lot to say about the new candidate, who definitely brought back some nostalgia from the hit show that captured our hearts.

Let’s just say we’re interested to see where all of this goes.

But hey, if Donald Trump could beat Hilary Clinton, who knows what could happen. At this point, anything is possible. TC mark

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