This Twitter Thread Shows Just How Heartbreakingly Powerful #NationalWalkoutDay Really Is

An empty old-timey classroom and a tweet about #NationalWalkoutDay
Unsplash / Jeffrey Hamilton and Twitter / @AndyRichter

Today, just one month after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, thousands of students walked out of their classrooms to demand stricter gun laws and to end school shootings. They stood outside of their schools for 17 minutes — one minute for each student who was killed in the Parkland, Florida shooting — before returning from their classes. Some students even went all the way to the White House to sit on the front lawn with their backs facing the building.

It’s pretty inspirational to see so many young people rising up and speaking out for a cause, but as some pointed out, it’s more than just that — honestly, it’s tragic. Actor Andy Richter tweeted exactly why #NationalWalkoutDay is actually quite a heartbreaking day for our country.

It all started when he was driving past a school and noticed children standing outside.

Andy is far from the only person who’s getting emotional about all of the protests today. What happened last month was absolutely horrifying, and seeing the huge response only adds to everything our nation has felt since.

To all you students out there who participated in the walk out: we’re so proud of you. You’re changing this country one step at a time. TC mark

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