Doctors Finally Admitted Period Cramps Are As Painful As Heart Attacks And Women Are Saying ‘I Told You So’

Woman holding flowers to her chest because period pains are awful
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To every woman who has tried to explain how awful their period cramps are to someone who doesn’t seem to quite believe them: take comfort in the fact that you were right all along. Scream it to the heavens. Tell everyone you meet. Because doctors have finally ruled menstrual cramps as painful as heart attacks, which just about any woman could’ve told you, tbh.

So, who do we have to thank for this beautiful confession? John Guillebad, a professor of reproductive health at University College London. That’s right, some dude has finally validated your pain, even though all the dudes in your life consistently invalidate it. Honestly, I’m not so sure how to feel about that, but at least we can all finally say, “I told you so.”

But, okay, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: you’re really trying to tell me that now that some dude says period cramps are real, everyone believes in them? Why didn’t you just believe me when I spent every month bitching about the excruciating pain that once almost made me pass out in Chemistry sophomore year?

Honestly, it’s no real surprise. Men tend to pick and choose which period symptoms they want to believe are real. Oh, you’re acting moodier than usual today? It’s definitely PMS. But oh, you say you aren’t feeling well because of menstrual cramps? Its definitely an excuse to get out of doing work, you weak, delicate flower.

At this rate, I should become a doctor. Maybe once I have the degree on my wall y’all will actually believe me when I try to tell you how much periods actually suck. Then again, I still won’t be a man. TC mark

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