This Woman Woke Up To A Horrifying Text After A Wild Night Out And It’s Hilarious

The girl who woke up to horrifying texts messages saying she bought a goat
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We all do some crazy shit when we’re drunk, right? At least, I know I do. I would probably die of embarrassment if all my stories got out, but some people take pride in the stupid things they do while blacked out. Like this girl, who woke up to horrifying text messages about something she’d done the night before.

That’s right — she legitimately bought a goat while she was drunk.

LOLOL okay I’ve never done something THAT crazy when drunk. I have no idea what I’d even do with a goat if I got one, but apparently this is not an uncommon thing???

Honestly, a lot of people didn’t even really see the problem here. I guess drunk actions are really just sober desires?

Look, Annie, do Jack Farm Guy Bashs a favor and just take the goat. Think of the lifetime companionship that could come from this drunk mistake, unlike all those fuckboys the rest of us texted when we were blacked out. This could truly be a success story. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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