People Can’t Decide If This Dresser Is Pink And White Or Blue And Grey And It’s Like ‘The Dress’ All Over Again

Oh god, not again. Ever since the infamous dress of 2015 (is it white and gold or black and blue???), people have been searching for similar phenomenon in photo form. But can you blame them? People talked about this dress for weeks, months — hell, years.

Since then, we’ve had these strawberries and these shoes, and now we have something new: this dresser.

Reddit / agamiegamer

You might be wondering: what’s wrong with the dresser? Well, much like the dress, people are split on what color it’s supposed to be. Some say it’s white and pink — others say it’s blue and grey.

Others saw a weird mix of the two.

And a lot of us saw, well, other things.

But according to the poster, most of us are probably wrong: despite what your perceptions tell you, the dresser is blue and grey.

Do you see it? Personally, I’m still pretty stuck on pink and white, and nothing you can do can convince me otherwise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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