There’s A Conspiracy Theory That Melania Trump Was Replaced By A Body Double And People On Twitter Are Freaking Out

Trump and Melania as Trump addresses hurricane relief in Puerto Rico
Twitter / @NBCNews

Remember back when everyone was freaking out about a conspiracy theory that Avril Lavigne had died and was replaced by a look alike? Or when people were so convinced that Lady Gaga had murdered her mentor and then took over her life? What a wild time to be alive.

The world is full of weird celebrity conspiracy theories these days, and hey, here’s another one for you: people truly believe that Melania Trump has been replaced by a body double.

It all started when this video of Trump addressing hurricane relief efforts began circulating Twitter.

And even I have to admit, Melania looks a little… well… off. At the very least, she looks like she hasn’t been having the best day. Have you been sleeping well, girl?

But Twitter took it to the next level, because that’s what Twitter does best.

… And I hate to admit it, but I totally see where they’re coming from.

After all, Trump did make a pretty big deal about her presence, and we all know that when he makes a big deal about something, he’s usually lying.

We don’t WANT to believe it, but, well, does the evidence lie???

Tbh if I were Melania, I’d want out, too. Can you imagine seeing Donald Trump on the news cycle all day and then going home and actually having to see him in person?

Okay, so this conspiracy theory is ~probably~ fake (I’m still holding out hope), but it still produced some dank memes, so I ain’t even mad.

Honestly, just let us have this.

We see you, fake Melania, and we are HERE for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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