This Restaurant Joked About Beating Women On Its Bar Sign And People Are Understandably Pissed

This Irish Restaurant bar sign jokes about domestic violence and beating yoru wife
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We all love a good bar sign, don’t we? Restaurants and bars are becoming more and more clever about pulling in customers and I’ll be honest, I’d definitely pay $10 for a shitty beer if the sign was funny enough. Sue me.

However, it’s easy to cross the line between “This is funny” and “Oh god who tf thought this was actually a good idea???” And in case you’re wondering where that line is, you should ask this restaurant in Belfast, Ireland.

The sign, which barbecue restaurant Ribs and Bibs put outside their establishment to draw in customers, advertised their 5 pound meals. The only problem is, they made a joke about domestic violence to do so.

“Ya can beat the wife, but ya can’t be a 5 pound lunch!”

Okay, seriously? Not only does it joke about domestic violence, but it also kind of sounds like it’s advocating for it, which is just one giant NOPE. Let’s just say if I saw this sign somewhere, instead of running inside for a shitty $10 beer, I would run away as fast as possible, and for free. I really cannot fathom why anyone thought this was a good idea, and neither can anyone else.

Domestic violence never was — and never will be — funny. So can we just stop trying to make it a thing already? TC mark

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