Bad Ass NYC Street Fight: Biker Cabbie vs. Minivan Cabbie

Ryan’s article on How to Live in NYC didn’t warn me about this. Pissed off drivers duke it out in the middle of the street and a garbage can is thrown.

I was rooting for the cab driver, throwing stuff seems like a punk move. Kinda wish it wasn’t censored. TC mark

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  • Joseph Ernest Harper

    Hate everybody.

    • what happened to love

      so much hate…..

  • rawiya

    i think it's particularly awesome that this cab driver put his cap on backwards when he was ready to fight, and then turned it around when he was talking to the cops.

    • Bensaucier

      The first thing the bike driver did after getting up was pick up his hat. The hat is the key to both their powers.

  • nice

    I wonder if this guy actually showed the police what he had recorded.

  • Kelly McClure

    When they first started fighting, it reminded me of that video Brandon posted of the Croc eating the electric eel.

    • Bensaucier

      lol, mutual cabbie destruction

  • Commenter22

    the dude in the suit at the beginning is bad ass

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