10 Steps Toward Living A Life of Passion And Purpose

10 Steps Toward Living A Life of Passion And Purpose
Tim Marshall

1. Be active

What’s that thing you can do that forces your mind and body to harmoniously integrate at a subconscious level? The mind/body connection is not psychobabble. It’s a real, palpable, and measurable science whereby our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs can positively or negatively impact the health of our physical bodies and vice versa.

2. Stay inspired

Left to our own devices during the dark times in our days we are capable of conjuring up enough fear and self-doubt to cripple us. Inspiration by definition is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially something of a creative nature. When we are stimulated we react; reaction is action (thank you, Captain Obvious). Learning how to harness your energy and be intentional with your unique and creative actions is a powerful force for manifesting your purpose.

3. Self-love

Get massages and facials, take bubble baths, golf with the guys, nap with your puppy, play the piano, practice yoga, buy a vibrator! Do something that brings you joy, increases endorphins, and brings peace to your being. Whatever it is, do it and do it often. When we care for ourselves and ensure our cup is full, we are able to give generously and authentically to others.

4. Be your own guru

Danielle Laporte said it best. Get really good at knowing what you need and how to get it. No one can know you like you know yourself. Take the time to learn how you love, how much sleep you need, what foods make you feel a certain way, what activities bring you peace or increase your vibrancy as well as the kinds of people who elevate you. Eliminate the toxins and immerse yourself in a world that supports your vitality.

5. Meditate

We all need some form of contemplation whereby you can clear your mind and get centered. This allows you access to understanding what barriers are blocking you from your own core. There are apps, programs, coaches, and classes in abundance around you. Seek them out, learn what it’s about and how to integrate it into your life. You can thank me later.

6. Ditch the comparisons

Harry Hart from Kingsman was onto something when he said: “There’s no nobility in being better than your fellow man; true nobility comes from being better than your former self.” Each of us is unique and special; you have something to offer. Be touched, moved, and inspired by others of course, but do not compare yourself to anyone. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about and has worked for their story just as you are working for yours.

7. Get off auto-pilot

Allow yourself the chance to shape your character by consciously choosing to own the consequences, the good and the bad. You can’t control events that happen in the world, you can only control what they mean to you and as such how you respond to them. Put yourself in environments where you don’t know what to do, use your capacity, those traits within you that only expand when you’re challenged, tap into your intellect and watch your caliber climb.

8. Never give up

To paraphrase Tony Robbins, delayed results are not denied results. Not achieving your goal is sometimes a blessing; it requires you to dig in and discover things. Take time to appreciate the failures, learn from them, apply the lessons, and acknowledge the growth. Just because something doesn’t happen when it was “planned” to does not mean that it is not going to happen. It is a chance to discover how committed you are to it.

9. Where your focus goes, energy flows

Another classic Tony-ism. What drives you? What guides you? How do you create meaning in your life? What do you spend your time doing? How do you use your brain power? The things we are attentive to shape our lives. Direct yourself and your mindset, and make conscious choices with how you spend your time and energy that are significant and have meaning.

10. Contribute

Find meaning whether it’s in the moment or in the future. Create a compelling future to live into, one that is rich and which fuels you. A vision of a collective and a community that will enrich the quality of the world we live in, one that has impact and creates joy and freedom for yourself. Add to the quality of people’s lives by living your best life.

GO and live your life full of passion and on purpose, please! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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