This Is What It Really Means To Move On

This Is What It Really Means To Move On
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Right now, you are in the midst of pain. A huge amount of heartache consumes you. Things will never be as easy as before. But honestly, you can look the other way around. It’s all about one choice. It’s all about choosing to move on.

Moving on is not a piece of cake. It will require a lot from you. You have to focus on being fine even when you’re really dying inside. You need to look on the bright side. The struggle will always be there, but you don’t have to cling on it. You just have to remember that at the right moment, everything will make sense.

Moving on is acceptance. You have to deal with what breaks you, every single day. You have to accept the things you cannot change. You need to experience the sea and befriend other fishes. Embrace the reasons behind what hurts you. Learn the lessons that your heartbreak taught you. All of these will make you a better person.

Moving on is to love yourself. It all starts with you. You are the main person of your life. You are the main character of your story. This is the chance to discover the treasures within you. This is the perfect time to explore the universe on your own. Sometimes, being with someone makes us forget what we’re really ought to be. Cherish yourself, as an individual, by focusing on being the best version. You are a star. Keep on shining.

Moving on is solitude. Being alone makes us appreciate what surrounds us. You have friends that stay by your side, no matter what happens. You have your family that never gives up on you. You have your dreams that you need to keep on chasing. You have yourself. While you enjoy your own company, you are starting to adore life even more. From gray, the skies are slowly turning blue. You are the light of your own darkness. You are creating your own sunshine.

Moving on is to be happy. At first, you will unleash tons of fake smiles. Now that you’re in the process of making things right, better days are coming. Focus on doing what you love. Strive on holding your passion tight. You hold the blueprint of your aspirations. Make it real, make it all come true. Eventually, your bliss will be genuine.

You are more than enough. You are taking the right path. Lift yourself up and rise above. You are more than your broken heart.

You deserve the best. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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