You’re Allowed To Share Your Heart With Someone New

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Priscilla Du Preez

You’re allowed to pick up the broken pieces of your heart and make it whole again. You’re allowed to stand back up, shed the remaining tears in your cheeks, and start with a fresh perspective. You’re allowed to believe in love one more, despite the number of times it has failed you.

Don’t be discouraged to open your doors for someone new. Don’t let your previous mistakes in finding the right one prevent you from taking a risk once more. You have to forgive yourself for trusting the wrong one, for giving all of yourself for nothing, for putting another person’s interests first.

It’s okay if you allowed your feelings to take control of you. It’s okay if you believed you could change someone, and could make them love you more. It’s okay if you dedicated so much of your time, and soul, and effort to them only to have them break your heart.

You’re allowed to forget the pain of your past. You have to convince yourself that you’re a different person now. This time, you know exactly what you want, what you deserve, what you need to avoid. This time, you’re ready to prove to the world that you are smarter, stronger, and bolder.

You’re allowed to give yourself the permission to date someone new. You have to put yourself out there again. You have to let your positivity bring sparkles and light in your eyes.

You need to learn not to let your previous relationships hold you back from entrusting someone your heart, because you know that you deserve to fall in love again.

You deserve to experience what it’s like to have someone who treats you special. You deserve to have a reason to wake up in the morning and face the day. You deserve to hear words of affections, feel a love that’s genuine, and see the person who doesn’t fail to bring blush to your cheeks.

You’re allowed to welcome someone new in your life. You’re allowed to listen to your gut and put yourself in a different love story. It might make you feel nervous and uncertain but when your heart tells you that it’s right, you should take the opportunity and grab it.

You shouldn’t be afraid to give someone an access to your world. You shouldn’t hesitate to share your soul to the person who promises you to handle it with utmost caution. You shouldn’t hold yourself back from falling in love again just because you remember the pain of your past.

You shouldn’t deprive yourself from experiencing the happiness you deserve.

Allow yourself to take a chance in romance. Release all the bitterness of your yesterday. And love deeply like you’ve never been hurt before.

It’s a million times better to put yourself out there and embrace the unknown than stay in your safe zone wondering what’s waiting for you on the other side. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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