Stop Giving To People Who Only Take

Stop Giving To People Who Only Take
James Forbes

You give. You give everything. Your time, your energy and every emotion you possibly have to someone who couldn’t lift a finger for you.

So why don’t you feel whole?

Because you got involved with a taker. A black hole of time, energy and emotions. You spend every waking hour thinking about them. Everything you do and every decision you make is with them in mind.

You sacrifice. Constantly repeating words such as “It’s OK” and “Of course we can do that.” You sacrifice your time with friends, and family to please this taker. You sacrifice your hobbies to do theirs. You sacrifice every part of your life to fill a small part of theirs.

You hurt. Every time you give and every time you sacrifice, you chip away at your being. Where once stood a strong and confident person now sits a crippled and broken misfit toy. They have taken so much from you that you fail to recognize what is you anymore. You press half your body up against them whilst they keep a finger on you. Your entire existence has been overcome with giving to this taker.

You don’t even notice. You don’t notice until one day they take a little more than they usually do. Instead of plucking a petal, they pull the whole root up. That’s when you think. You think back to everything you have given, every ounce of time you have sacrificed and you get mad.
But you can’t be mad. Because that would be selfish. Because bringing up your thoughts to this taker would be blaming them. Blaming them for all you have given and sacrificed on your own terms.

Be mad. You may have done everything for them, but they took all of that for granted. They made you feel bad when you wouldn’t do something for them. They made you feel as though you had to be grateful for the one time they did something for you. Speak up. If they can’t handle the truth, they can’t handle the relationship. Sometimes it’s pure ignorance; other times, they know. They purposely take because they know you will give…and give everything.

Be strong. Be strong enough to realize when it’s time to give to yourself. Give your body and your mind what it needs. Patch the chips that you have so easily given away. Walk with that cane until you are strong enough to once again stand.

Just know. A giver deserves someone who appreciates what a giver has to give. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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