35 One-Sentence Reminders Of Strength For When You Are Facing A Huge Life Change

Gabriela Pinto
Gabriela Pinto

1. You have gone through so much; this will be nothing.

2. Every painful situation has only made you stronger.

3. You are not as weak as you think you are.

4. This struggle is temporary.

5. You will fight through.

6. Change is normal, this is normal, and you will be fine.

7. Keep your head high.

8. You are a fighter.

9. You will face many changes in your life, and every time you do, you will become a more powerful person.

10. Though you might not look or feel strong, when it comes down to it, you will push through.

11. This feeling of chaos and uncertainty won’t last forever.

12. Change is inevitable; don’t let your heart be weakened by fear.

13. You have already overcome so many things.

14. You are stronger than you think.

15. Everything may feel different, but trust that this is a moment of growth.

15. You are stronger than your biggest fears.

16. You are resilient.

17. Be confident; this is merely a test of who you are.

18. When push comes to shove, you know how to get yourself out of tough situations.

19. There isn’t one thing that you can’t overcome with faith and perseverance.

20. Every time you face a fear, you only become stronger.

21. This is an opportunity to show who you can be.

22. One day at a time.

23. You can do this.

24. You are tough.

25. This won’t feel ‘normal,’ but this is a good thing.

26. This change has nothing on you.

27. Life is about to change, but you are still the same strong person you always were.

28. You can’t let this break you.

29. You won’t let this break you.

30. Just be stronger than you were yesterday.

31. Your heart is a tough muscle.

32. You were born ready to face challenge.

33. Look how far you’ve come; this will be easy.

34. Have confidence—you are an amazing person.

35. You should be proud of yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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