When You’re Scared He’ll Break Your Heart Like The Last Guy Did

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Flickr / glasseyes view

Hey. I know what’s been bothering you. I know that it’s really hard but just give it a chance.
I know you’re scared right now. I know that he scares you because you’ve seen this before. You have tasted this beforehand and there is nothing that burnt you more than what the other guy did.

What’s happening right now sends chills down your spine because you keep on taking that trip down memory lane. Just please don’t. Please stop. I am telling you, no two stories are ever the same.

The question I now have for you is what if he doesn’t?

What if he was destined to sweep you off of your feet but he can’t, because you keep on running away and you keep on hiding every time the opportunity comes?

I know you’re trying your best, I know you really like him. But know that you are your enemy on this one. You have to fight the side of you that has locked herself out because she was too scared of getting hurt again.

You are beautiful, as beautiful as any flower in the garden and perhaps even more. Do not be afraid, for fear can rid you of everything you might have. For fear is the silent robber, you are not even aware that something was taken away until you finally saw what you have lost.
For fear is the lock in your heart and the unwritten letters to happiness. For fear knows you more than you know yourself.

What if he breaks you? But Honey, what if he doesn’t? Then you now have the greatest love story your world has ever seen. You know hold the envelope that could send your letter to happiness.
People always to tell you to take that chance, to make that leap. Because they know that the best memories they have are not always what they wanted, but it’s what the world gave them.

And if ever there’s this possibility that he does break you, go back to this letter and know that the cycle does not have to end with him. As long as the other side of the bed is cold, it does not end and that life’s magic repeats itself until you finally go to bed with the one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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