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Zoey Medrano

Please, Be Gentle With Me

My wall was built for a reason and I work very hard every day to take it down
But some days I’m tired.

Please Don’t Text Me

Don’t text me “how are you doing?” when you know I’m great. Don’t text me asking superficial questions, trying to get a feel for if I miss you, because I don’t.

Loving You Is My Favorite Adventure

I want to leap into our future with arms wide open, no worries or cares in the world. I want to feel your body touch mine every night when we fall asleep, and then wake up to you patiently waiting by my side, greeting me with a good morning kiss.

To My Best Friend Who Abandoned Me

The sad truth is that this is your fault. I wish I didn’t have to blame you, but you made your choices and couldn’t live with the outcomes, and instead of being a man and making things right, you were a coward and took the easy route. I hope you are learning from your mistakes. I hope you don’t let this happen to all your friendships.