10 Things Most Adults Still Don’t Know About Sex

Just because you’ve outgrown awkward car handies and your sexual repertoire has progressed passed the Thrust and Grunt, it doesn’t mean you’ve got nothing to learn when it comes to sex. In fact, there are some startling sex myths still percolating around the grown-up water cooler. Read on for 10 Things Most Adults Still Don’t Know About Sex:

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1. Lots of sex/multiple partners will not loosen vaginal muscles. Vaginas are built to oust babies – you really think a couple dozen dicks are going to mess that up?

2. Most women don’t orgasm from penetration alone (and the rest are liars). Say it with me: clitoral stimulation.

3. Oral sex is still sex. Therefore, you can still get an STD from a quick front-seat-of-the-car blowey. Why do you think sex workers insist on using condoms for blow jobs?

4. Condoms are the ONLY contraceptive that protects against pregnancy and STDS. If you’re not in a monogamous relationship and you don’t get tested on the reg, wrap your shit up – no excuses.

5. Anal sex won’t make you incontinent. You’ll still be able to hold your shit together– but you may still want to start off in the shower for good form.

6. “Good” and “bad” are not definitive. “Good” sex is all about communication, and it varies from person to person, and couple to couple. You can have great sex with one person and terrible sex with another. Something that earned major Os with your last partner may not do anything for your current partner. Something that worked last week may not work this week. Our bodies are fickle, so learn to read body language and non-verbal cues.

7. Sex is not like pizza. Bad sex is not better than no sex at all. Especially for women, where bad sex usually means we don’t get off. Strive to have good sex, every time. This means focusing on getting your partner off as well as yourself. Sharing is caring!

8. There is nothing wrong with a man who doesn’t want sex. Oh, and men don’t necessarily think about sex more than women. Your sexual appetite is based on a variety of things—health, diet, self-confidence, body image, contentment with relationship—that have nothing to do with gender.

9. Pulling out/having sex standing up/having sex in a shower/having sex on your period does not prevent pregnancy. Pulling out doesn’t mean no sperm were released in pre-ejaculate. Like salmon, sperm can swim upstream, AND they can live in a vagina for up to seven days–so even if you’re on your period now, they may still be swimming around when you’re not.

10. Size only kinda sorta matters. The greatest debate of all. Most preference for a larger size is mental, not physical. So while your partner may care if you’re a grower or a shower, a great display of enthusiasm can outweigh any shortcoming with length or width. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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