17 Ways You Suddenly Know You Want Her In Your Future

There comes a time when you realize you’ve begun to imagine a woman in your life, specifically, in your future. Little things change – decisions, outlooks, opinions, buying patterns. Here are 17 ways you might notice that you’re changing. If you catch yourself doing these things, well, clearly you want her in your future.
Khanh Hmoong
Khanh Hmoong

1. Certain television commercials, ones that’d you normally skip or change the channel to avoid, suddenly they aren’t as annoying. Like, you still don’t care very strongly about toilet paper but you like to make sure you have the good stuff for her.

2. Your first thought when checking social media is to wonder if she’s posted anything new. This thought embarrasses you as much as it makes you smile.

3. The way you once felt when your team won, or when you landed a trick, or finished a level, you now feel a similar (stronger) elation when she posts a sexy pic on Instagram.

4. Pop love songs begin to sound like someone recorded your inner monologue and added some “oohs and yeahs” for the chorus. Sometimes, you really think you could pen a pop song.

5. You’ve actually written her first name with your last name, and this makes you feel like a complete and total sap — possibly, the biggest (happiest) sap in the world.

6. You no longer dream of going to Europe with your buddies – now you think about touring Tuscany with her. You’ve checked ticket prices.

7. The sound of children’s laughter doesn’t remind you of summer, or camp, it makes you think about her and what an amazing mother she’ll be. This thought surprises you the most.

8. When trying a new restaurant, possibly with co-workers, friends or maybe even family, if the food is really good, rather than compliment it, you look forward to taking her there.

9. You suffer from e-ptimism. Whenever there is a notification on your phone, for a brief moment, you hope it’s a message from her. If you get a lot of notifications this can be quite a roller coaster.

10. While you once happily considered how cool it might be to be asked to relocate for a job, now you’re perfectly willing to pick-up and move anywhere in the world to be with her.

11. When you see old couples crossing the street in front of you,  instead of thinking of how slowly they’re moving, you hope that one day the two of you are the ones holding-up traffic.

12. Her laughter is not figuratively, it’s literally, music to your ears. Fact. It’s also the world’s fastest way to make you smile.

13. You spend time wondering if your pets will get along with her pet(s).

14. Your friends know what that faraway look means. And they stopped giving you shit about it. (Because really, what’s the point?)

15. When something rad happens in your life you can’t wait to tell her. In fact, it doesn’t feel real until she knows about it.

16. You bought new sheets. Nice ones. They’re not even from Target.

17. When and if they meet, you constantly hope she gets along with your mother … because if it comes down to it, you know you’d definitely choose her over the woman who raised you. What? She’s the one you want in your future. TC Mark

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