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To Be The Only Minority On A Plane

As each person walked past me, and I sat in the aisle seat, no one stopped to ask for the seat next to me. As they continued to pass, the flight attendant came on the microphone, “Passengers, this plane is going to be at full capacity. Take the first available seat. Thank you.” Yet still, they passed.

Confessions Of An HIV Counselor

“I’m a counselor, an HIV Counselor.” People usually stop, process, and take a sip of their drink before responding. In the moments before they can respond I add, “I work mainly with homeless youth.”

The Time I Met James Blake

I am personally not one for waiting in the rain — not even for James Blake — and as he finished small talk with a fan, I made my way towards him. When our eyes met, I thought “Don’t fan girl out, he’s British, not God, don’t’ fan girl out.”

Moving From The South To The City: The Things You’ll Lose

Yankees, say it with me: “Hello… how are you?” Was that hard? Did you break a nail? NO! Say it, it will make you feel better. And how about, when getting on an elevator – don’t press the “Close Door” button when I’m a foot away. Or that whole cutting the line at the market when a new line opens – it’s not cute.

Breaking Up With My Blackberry

I have found a new love, and his name is iPhone. He treats me nice, lets me touch all over him in public, get’s turned on super fast, keeps secrets better, and he is skinny. There is no flashing when he has to tell me something, he lets me take my own time to check him, use him, and be with him.

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