Watch: Nate Hill Chases His Dog Covered In Period Blood For Art

Zach Schwartz
Zach Schwartz

Nate Hill, the brazen New York performance artist, may have just released his most shocking piece yet. Hill, a married man with a kid on the way, is addressing his domestic life with “The Hunt Storybook,” a performance in which he chases his dog dressed up in a rabbit costume that is—wait for it—covered in period blood. The period blood comes from women outside his marriage; the piece is supposed to is recreate “the hunt” that, you know, all men secretly crave.

You may know Hill from a couple different pieces that made their rounds around the web, most notably Trophy Scarves—a piece in which Hill, as a black man, wore naked white women around his neck. He amassed tens of thousands of followers on an Instagram account for that, and he continues the trend of cross-media integration with this piece by accompanying it with a children’s storybook, which he has also put on Rap Genius.

I traveled to Hill’s apartment in East Harlem and made a video of him performing “The Hunt,” which you can watch below. Try not to puke. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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