I Had Sex With My Ex In A Victoria’s Secret Dressing Room

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JStone / Shutterstock.com

I was just finishing up a day of shopping at the mall when I started making my way through the floors to my car. Along the way, I saw Tiffany, a girl I dated a little while back in the day, sifting through lingerie in Victoria’s Secret. Since I was off for the day and had nothing better to do, I figured that I would stop in and say hello. “Hey Tiff,” I said, startling her a little bit. “Zach, Jesus, you scared the shit out of me,” she said. “Sorry about that; I saw you from the hall and wanted to say hi and see how you were doing.”

We both looked at one another as if we were studying each other, almost like we were strangers. She was letting her natural blonde hair grow out of the highlights she always wore with me and I had put on a little weight and changed my hairstyle, so we were both adjusting to a little change.

“I’m… I’m good — I’m sorry, you look great,” she said, cutting herself off. I chuckled and said, “Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself. I like the hair; it looks incredible. I was wondering if you would ever let those blonde locks free.” She knew I was playing with her, but she cracked back, “What? You didn’t like my highlights?” I leaned in and softly said, “Did it ever seem like I had a problem with your highlights?” She grinned and put the pink panties she was looking at back in the drawer.

“Come on, shop around with me; I could use a guy’s opinion on some of these things,” she said. Again, I had nothing to do, so I figured, why not? “Uh, sure.” She said she needed a new bra because the clips on her old one were wearing out. I always thought she just wore the wrong cup size to make her tits look bigger, but what the hell did I know?

She picked up this aqua blue monstrosity and held it up against her. “What do you think of this?” she asked. I no reason to lie to her, and she was asking my opinion, so I told her. “Honestly, that’s fucking hideous.” “Shut up, what do you know about bras?” she smiled back. “I know what looks good…” I said, smirking back.

“That’s just because I’m wearing a red shirt right now. It would look a lot better if I wasn’t wearing it,” she said, completely oblivious to the words that just came out of her mouth. “I’m sure it would…” I said, again, sarcastically. “Oh my God, you’re awful,” she said, slapping me with the bra. “Not as awful as that bra.”

“Come on, I’m going to try it on and you tell me what you think then,” she said, grabbing my hand. “Ugh,” I said, pretending to go reluctantly. She got the store assistant to unlock the changing room and quickly changed. “OK, I’m coming out,” she said, opening the door. “Now what do you think?” she said, placing her hands on her hips. “OK, so it looks better—“ “See! I told you,” she said, cutting me off. “But it still isn’t great. A pink one would look a lot better with your skin and hair.” She got a little steamed and headed back into the room. She seemed frustrated, likely at me, and then called out, “UGH, Zach!” I sighed, softly, “Fuck,” then louder, “Yeah Tiff?”

“I need help with the hook,” she said. Still being a smartass, I snapped, “You’re 23 and can’t get your own bra off?” She was still flustered, but I could hear her trying to hold back laughter, “It’s a triple hook; I can’t get the last one. Can you help me?”

I got up, looked around to see if anyone was coming and went in. “Don’t get any ideas, I just need you unhook that last one,” she said, holding her right arm against the bra. “There,” I said. “I’m telling you, try a pink one.” I started turning around to unlock the door when she snapped, “Wow, nothing.” “Huh?” “No groping; no massaging; I’m impressed,” she said. “You told me not to get any ideas.” “And since when do you follow rules?”
I took a peek outside, then locked the door behind me and pulled her closer. “I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to fuck in here,” I said, intently. I put my arms on back while kissing her, before slowly sliding them underneath her yoga pants to grab her bare ass.
“We’ve got to make this quick,” she breathed into my ear. I pulled the bra off of her and flung it to the corner of the room, then, without hesitation, turned her around. She had her hands pressed against the wall of the room, her back arched as I kissed her neck. As she massaged her ass against the throbbing cock in my jeans, I caressed her tits.

I grabbed her waist and gently squeezed. I moved my thumbs underneath the lining of her pants and slowly pulled them down over her incredibly tight ass. She reached around with her left hand to rub the outline of my bulge as I continued to kiss her. I undid my belt and pulled my pants down with my right hand, while running the fingers of my left hand down her chest.

I bent down and grabbed her ass with both cheeks and began licking her clit. “Whoa! You never did that with me before,” she said, trying to keep her voice down. After about a minute or so, I rose back to my feet. Just as I was about to insert myself in her, she stopped me. “Wait,” she said, pressing her hand against my chest. She turned about and glared at me with her smoky blue-greenish eyes. “I want see how I taste, first,” she said, throwing her arms over my shoulders. Once savoring the last bit of her on my tongue, she closed her eyes and slowly turned around, arching her back again.

She looked back at me out of the corner of her eye. “OK, now fuck me.”

She was so wet that even thicker-than-average cock slid right in. I grabbed her right waist with my hand and placed my left hand on the small of her back. As she continued to tilt her head back, the ends of her golden locks began tickling my fingers. I started moving my hand up, slowly, before grabbing a fist full of her hair and giving it a light tug. My thrusts were slow, but sensual. I didn’t want her moaning or screaming too loudly, so whenever I thought someone might hear, I put myself all the way inside of her, grabbed the bottom of her chin and kissed her.

I knew it was only going to be a matter of time until the store assistant came back, so I tried finishing up. As I felt my climax approaching, I realized that I had nowhere to cum, and I doubt she wanted me finishing inside of her, even if she was on birth control.
“Tiff, I’m close,” I panted. “Where do you want me to finish?” She was too exhilarated to listen, so I tried grabbing her attention again, inching even closer to finishing. “Tiff—“ “Just let me know when,” she sighed between moans. I felt it coming. My legs began locking and my thrusts were getting harder. “Tiff — now.” Without missing a beat, she twisted around and fell to her knees, shoving my pulsating cock into her salivating mouth.

I saw her eyes shoot open as I was cumming. I could tell that she had never done this before. She definitely never did it with me, and her reaction was genuine surprise. Even after I came, she continued stroking my cock, even licking my balls — a first for me. She looked up at me, gliding her tongue along the shaft of my cock. “You taste pretty good,” she said, putting me in her mouth one last time. She rose to her feet and began kissing my shoulder, working her way to my neck, and then my ear.
After some slight nibbling on the lobe of my left ear, she whispered, “But I still taste better.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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