Another 30 Underrated Things And 30 Overrated Things

Back by popular demand, here is an additional 30 underrated things and 30 overrated things. As a reminder, this list is not subjective. It is based on scientific law.


1.    McDonald’s PlayPlaces

2.    Ventriloquists

3.    The Dewey Decimal Classification System

4.    7-Eleven slurpees

5.    Peeing in the snow

6.    Fuzzy dice hanging from rearview mirrors

7.    Sea shanties

8.    A well-thought out scam

9.    The versatility of chicken as a food

10. Having a nemesis

11. Corrective eye surgery

12. Infomercials

13. Calling celebrities different versions of their names (Example: John Depp)

14. Suburbs

15. Ergonomic engineering

16. The backdrops used in taking school pictures

17. Slow motion video

18. Being fat enough to rest objects on your stomach

19. Propeller beanie hats

20. The global marketplace

21. Steve & Barry’s

22. Nic Cage

23. Tabloids

24. Abusing mall food court samples

25. Being the first person to finish a test

26. Lassoing people

27. How cool smoking a cigarette looks

28. Musicians who take requests

29. Getting cheap surgery in a third world country

30. The anvils that drop on cartoon characters’ heads


1.    Minimum wage employees

2.    Introspection

3.    Mic drops

4.    The concept of irony

5.    Anna Kendrick

6.    Haikus

7.    Ancient Mesopotamia

8.    DJ’s

9.    Playing monopoly fairly

10. The U.S. intelligence community

11. Sommeliers

12. Frozen yogurt

13. Ted Talks

14. Guidance counselors and career advisors

15. Foreign films

16. ‘70s mustaches

17. Spit takes

18. Think pieces

19. Student-run organizations

20. People whose job title is “creative”

21. Lo-Fi music

22. The difficulty of puberty

23. Deep-frying foods

24. Ugly Christmas sweaters

25. Most doctors

26. Reserved seating at movie theaters

27. Every salad dressing that’s not caesar

28. Visiting Disney World more than two times in your life

29. The Parisian lifestyle

30. Going to hell

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