17 Underrated Places You Can Find Happiness

Happiness is not an end point. It’s not a place you hope to be one day. It is a feeling that comes and goes like the rest of its emotional counterparts like stress and excitement. Embrace the moments and things that fill your life with bursts of happiness.

Life really is all about all the weird little things that lift our hearts and bring a smile upon our face even if for just a second in our day. Find happiness wherever you can, right here and right now.

Maybe these things aren’t the most conventional forms of happiness, but whatever they brighten my days with glitter and rainbows:

1. Taking naps right after a shower while still wrapped in a towel. Something about feeling super clean and freshly steamed leaves me in a state of absolute relaxation.

2. Getting out of that thong. After hours of running around all day in a permanent wedgie from wearing a stupid piece of floss under my clothes, my lady parts really love being upgraded to a bigger space in some comfy granny panties. Sexy can be super uncomfortable, but happiness — that’s found in a pair of superman panties that cover your entire ass.

3. Finding your longtime crush on Tinder and having it be a mutual match. For a split second as your profile pictures flash around like you just hit the jackpot, you feel like that make out session you have been dreaming about is going to finally happen.

4. Laying down on clean sheets fresh out of the dryer. Talk about laying on a piece of heaven. It’s like having a cloud touched by the warmth of angels as your bed.

5. Hearing “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey at your favorite bar and singing it at the top of your lungs, because you believe no one can hear you shrieks over the speakers. It’s, like, the best song ever.

6. Having the dog or cat that hates everyone pick you as their favorite person. When you win over the grumpy dog, you can’t help but feel like you are the most special person in the world. Animals sense things that humans don’t and the one that hates everyone sensed you are a pretty damn good person. That’s gotta make you feel good.

7. Taking off on an airplane and watching the city you live in become tiny specks of light. It makes me feel like I am going places, even if just for a week.

8. Having a stream of sunlight warm your cheek on a cold, gloomy day. It’s like joy gently gracing your cheek while the rest of the world freezes in a cloud of darkness.

9. Pigging out in the privacy of your own home. No one is watching, you don’t have to pretend to be fancy, you can just stuff a ton of crap in any gross combination that you want (burger and cookies!) into your face and save yourself the effort of washing dishes by using your hands like it is Medieval Times.

10. Making a joke and getting, like, actual laughter as a reaction. Now that is success.

11. Finding a shirt you completely forgot you had. All of sudden, you have a bigger wardrobe than you thought.

12. Watching bunnies do just about anything, because bunnies win at life and anything they do is super epic.

13. Catching sight of a falling star while everyone else was busy texting and getting all the wishes to yourself.

14. Kissing that person you never thought you would get to kiss again. Even if it’s not a forever kind of thing, it makes for a cool story.

15. Dancing in your room to music, — especially stripper music, because deep down inside, I secretly think stripping is kind of cool and I would love to master the art of pole dancing.

16. Mastering a headstand without falling over or actually getting into that crazy pretzel looking pose in yoga you never thought you could do.

17. Skinny dipping in the ocean. Running through freezing water like you don’t give a damn with your whole body on display is by far the most freeing and fun thing a person can do. Any time you can pretend like nobody is watching and let yourself run wild is an opportunity worth taking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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