6 Types Of Friends You Must Have In Your Group To Achieve #SquadGoals


1. The Funny Friend.

This friend is the one who can never write you a heartfelt birthday card and has trouble showing affection, but you know she loves you. If you’re really bored your first instinct is always to call her, and whether in person or on the phone, she will always leave you with tears of laughter. In the rare occasions that you do decide to confide in her, telling her all about your new boy drama or work problems, she will probably laugh at you and make an insensitive joke or two. This may seem harsh, but it will make you feel like you’re stressing about something very insignificant. It is always refreshing to have a funny friend; we could all use more laughter in our lives.

2. The Vegan.

It’s all she every talks about really. She is gluten-free, does yoga, is big on spirituality, and drinks a kale smoothie everyday. This one will always try to convince you that the bread you are eating is not brown enough, or that you seriously need to tone down your gluten intake. If you want to go out to a party, she is the wrong person to call. She is always in bed by 10PM. She can get quite annoying, but she’s always there when you need a new diet plan.

3. The Therapist.

She is always there no matter what. She has had her fair share of hard times, but that is what makes her so wise and equipped to help you through yours. She is sympathetic when you need her to be; she will give you a shoulder to cry on. But she is also harsh when she needs to be; she will tell you what you know, but don’t want to hear. You can confide in her, and she will never judge you. Anything you tell her, no matter how silly it may seem, will be kept confidential.

4. The MIA Friend.

You sometimes forget that she’s even your friend. She is always nowhere to be found. Her phone is always off, she doesn’t feel the need to respond to your texts all the time, and she is extremely secretive. You always think that she has some kind of a second life, only to discover that she’s at home watching Netflix. You will never really figure her out, she has multiple personalities, but she is always interesting.

5. The Smart One.

She participates in everything and spends her summers doing volunteer work. Sometimes you wonder how she ever sleeps. After a while you learn to stop asking her about the book she’s reading because she reads a new one everyday, and you barely understand what she says when you do ask. Your parents love her because ‘she is such a good influence,’ and they will always compare you to her. Most of the general knowledge you have comes from her. Being around her makes you feel like you’re doing something productive, which is always a good thing.

6. Little Miss Instagram.

She knows everyone, and she is friends with everyone. She always gives great first impressions and makes everyone think they are besties. Whenever you want to post something on instagram, she is the girl for you, with over 20 editing apps and an eye for photography, she won’t disappoint. If she isn’t Tweeting, Instagramming, or Snapchatting, you know something is wrong. If you ever need to spice up your social life, she is always ready to introduce you to 100 new people. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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