7 Ways Traveling Will Change Your Life Forever

Gwenael Piaser
Gwenael Piaser

The beauty of simplicity

When you travel, you’ll exercise simplicity. You’ll learn how to prioritize, because most of your belongings will have to fit in one small bag.

Traveling will teach you the value of experience versus the value of ownership. When you travel, you automatically prioritize having very little possessions in order to move smoothly, from country to country.

You’ll learn that less can be more and this is a lesson that will stay for life.

Home is where the heart is

When you travel a lot and for extensive periods of time, you’ll learn detachment. You’ll fall in love with every single place you visit, from the busy streets of Bangkok, to the peaceful beaches of India, where you’ll wake up early every morning, for another snorkel adventure in those crystal clear waters.

You’ll fall in love with the ancient pyramids of Egypt, the breathtaking castles of France the delicious food of Italy. You’ll feel part of each place you visit, you’ll mingle with the locals and become the center character of your story. After a while, you’ll feel like a citizen of the world, because you left a piece of your heart everywhere you passed by and each place left a mark on you forever.

Life happens at this precise moment

When you travel, life happens at this precise moment. There is no routine while you travel. Everyday is different, exciting and you’ll want to live it with intensity. Every minute and every second are precious, because you know they won’t last forever!

You’ll meet amazing people who share your passions and dreams. Their stories and adventures will fuel your passion for life.

You’ll forget to constantly worry about the future and regret the things you didn’t have the courage to do in the past. You’ll learn that life is supposed to be lived right now and that’s a lesson that will stay with you.

We are all one

Traveling and exploring other cultures will always teach you one lesson; we’re all one. It doesn’t matter where you were born, the color of your skin, your social class or religion. Human beings might come from all sorts of different backgrounds, but at the core of our heart, we’re all the same.

Travel is incompatible with prejudice and racism. Your understanding of the world will change once you start traveling, and you’ll learn diversity is the spice of life.

If you avoid the trap of the all inclusive resorts, you’ll experience some of the most valuable moments in your life. The learning and growth you’ll go through, could have never been experienced back home, in the security of your comfort zone.

The power of traveling alone

If you’re traveling the world by yourself you’ll notice one thing: you’ll never be alone!

I’m a solo female traveler and the most enriching and rewarding experiences I have on the road are my solo trips. When you travel alone, you’re open to meet new people and you don’t have to follow anyone’s agenda. You can change your mind and plans as you please.

Traveling alone will allow you t grow in a way you’ve never experienced before. It will prove you, of how strong and courageous you are. You’ll learn how you can get out of every situation, navigate new cities and even survive some extreme foods!

The connections and friendships you’ll develop with other solo travelers will last forever, because when people travel and leave their worries behind, they can reach deeper levels of understanding and empathy.

Love might find you on the road

Some might say summer love never lasts. Well, I will tell you this: when you find the person who shares you passion and dreams, love will happen.

Only when you’re actually living your dreams and pursuing your passions, you will find like minded people. So when you’re surfing the waves in Morocco, you might bump into that amazing surfer that will steal your heart!

Maybe love will find you when you’re climbing the Everest with a group of people who just like you, loves hiking. Maybe love will find your way on a lazy Sunday afternoon, while you lay down on a hammock in Costa Rica.

You’ll be attracting like minded folks into your life, and when you do, let them in. They might stay forever.

You’ll appreciate more at home

And once your adventure is over, you’ll learn how to appreciate home more. You’ll appreciate the freedoms you took for granted, the comfort you never noticed you had, the opportunities you had in life because of where you come from.

You’ll look at the world with more compassion and you’ll see home with more appreciation than ever.

And if you find out that home is actually not where you want to be, then go back to point two: Home is where your heart is, so pack your bags again and write a new story! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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