What Are We Doing? We Should Love Our Breasts No Matter The Size!

image - Flickr / nikkibusty
image – Flickr / nikkibusty

There are multiple articles with women saying how much you should love your little breasts and they all have their reasons why. Most of the reasons seem to be valid but a lot of them are not. The problem with these articles is that they tend to compare themselves to bigger breasts and they are wrong very often about what comes with larger breasts. They also put down bigger breasts in the process.

One thing I saw was that bigger breasts make you look old and smaller breasts make you look young. Yeah that’s great logic if you want to date a pedophile. How young are you wanting to look? After a while, you want to be looked at as a woman and a woman can have breasts of any size. I’ve seen school girls with larger breasts than mine. So when you’re worried about how old they make you look, think about wrinkles, not size.

Despite what people say, everyone can wear a button down shirt, you just have to get the right one. If you’re not in denial about your size, you won’t have to worry about your shirt puckering or that button flying away to Hogwarts. I also see women having problems with purse straps making a breast sling or something. I won’t touch this one because personally, I hate purses.

There’s also the common misconception that bigger breasts are constantly flopping around. I saw an article saying that you can get on the elliptical machine without breasts flopping all over the place when you have smaller breasts. Have any of you personally seen this happen? I’ve been on every machine in the gym and my breasts don’t flop all over the place. Yes, I’ve done them all braless as tacky as that may sound. There may be some exercises that will make them flop but that’s it. We can do pretty much anything you can.

I will admit, having bigger breasts makes you slightly limited on bras. The bigger they are, the harder it is to find bras that don’t make you feel like a grandma. They are slowly making more stylish bras for us but it is slightly infuriating that little bras get all these cute designs while we’re stuck with maybe a two color bra that may or may not even support them longer than a month.

In one article about small breasts, I saw something that made me kind of sad. She said that the moment that someone admires their breasts is a moment cherished because they aren’t tired of being stared at like women with larger breasts are. I don’t think that’s something to strive for. You shouldn’t cherish and long for the moment someone is disrespecting you by staring at your breasts. I think that’s a sign that you’ve been ashamed of your little breasts for too long.

Then there’s all these studies saying that most of the time, shallow and sexist men go for women with bigger breasts or that we have an increased chance for breast cancer. We also got these articles pointing out that we have saggy big breasts or how easy it is for them to jump without hurting. Well you know what your articles about loving your little breasts is doing? You’re making women with bigger breasts hate their bigger breasts.

It’s fine to love your breasts. I’m glad you found a way to love your little breasts but what you need to do when you write about them is not shame women who have bigger breasts. All you’re really doing is shifting the self-consciousness from you to another.

Ladies with bigger breasts, don’t hate them. We have our reasons for loving our own breasts and we don’t need women with smaller breasts to make us feel inadequate. We don’t need women with breasts even bigger than ours to make us feel inadequate. We are all adequate in our own way for our own reasons. Our breasts shouldn’t determine so much about who we are. We are who we are, if they don’t like it they don’t need to look at it and they don’t have to live with it. Turn all those negatives they give about big breasts into positives.

When those shallow and sexist men approach me, I find them to be pretty easy to spot. Men like that can’t hide their obsession very long. Most of the time, they can’t hide it before they even approach us. I’ll take the sag. I don’t care. Big breasts have a price and I’ll pay it because truthfully, I’m not THAT vain.

I’m at an increased chance for breast cancer? Well I’ll talk to my doctor about that when the time comes. I’m not going to get them reduced or cut off because of it. I may not be about to jump without it hurting a bunch, but I don’t have much reason to jump anyway. I’m not one of those women who jump about and scream in excitement about everything.

I’m not going to end this by making a list of why big breasts are better or about how they’re great. No one should need something like that. No one should be ashamed of their breasts. We’re all women, we’re not all the same, but our differences do not put us above or below each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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