White People Who Attack Other Whites For Racism Are Hypocrites

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mikute / (Shutterstock.com)

A politician in the European parliament recently had his microphone cut off for uttering the words “niggers” and “Negroes” during his speech. The problem is that he didn’t say it to be offensive to anyone. If anything, he was reinforcing the fact that blacks were treated very badly in the past, and yet the words he used offended the white man in charge of his mic, who decided to cut him off:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yABMj_5v0hU?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360%5D

Do we still not see the difference between a gang of white guys walking up to a black kid and hurling racial abuse at him and a man using racially offensive words to make a point? Some of us might, but others don’t—or they pretend not to, and in most cases those people are white.

Why am I so sure that it’s white people who give other people shit about racism? Well, because it’s white folks who have most of the power around the world. Look at who owns the media in the US and European countries—rich white men. It’s the media who often start up these controversies by amplifying them and putting them over in such a way that makes the person who committed the “racial act” look like something you’d sidestep in the street.

This lack of free speech doesn’t just concern white people, but white people seem to be the most scrutinized humans on the planet when it comes to race relations. The irony is that they are being policed by other white people.

You know that if you enter a rich white man’s club, a lot of them are probably racists. They won’t tell you, but you merely have to look at their lifestyles to see it. They live in white areas, they have no nonwhite friends, and God forbid their daughters should ever go out with nonwhite men—they’d probably disown them. Should you, however, utter the word “nigger,” “chink,” “Paki,” or “wetback,” you’re out of there! The chances are that you actually know black, Chinese, Pakistani, and/or Mexican people, but what you’ve said is politically incorrect and that’s a big no-no!

I might be wrong. If it’s a private rich white man’s club, then it’s probably where they “do” most of their racism. Should what you’ve said go public, THEN they’d give you the boot and shake their heads, saying they don’t condone that kind of behavior.

Hypocrisy is rife in the white community. That’s not to say it isn’t happening in the black community, where people will pull out the race card on white folks but happily make fun of black people with darker skin than themselves. White hypocrisy sickens me the most, though. It’s a holier-than-thou attitude than has to stop.

A white news reporter may quiz somebody about a racial slur they’ve used, and if you ask them if they’d let their daughter date a black guy, they’d say “of course.” They’d lie. If they were presented with that situation in reality, they’d act differently.

Dog the Bounty Hunter got caught out over this. In his TV show he was interacting with blacks and calling them brothers, but when his son was going out with a black girl, suddenly it became a problem for him.

It’s not only racial issues where you find white hypocrisy. You might find them attacking people who have made anti-gay comments, but again, you have to apply the same rule: “What if your son told you he was gay?” After a little squirming they’d answer, “I’d say that’s…great…son.” No, you wouldn’t, you lying piece of white trash.

We’ve heard of black-on-black crime, but nobody talks about white-on-white crime, because it’s more psychological. Black folks may shoot at each other; Mexicans might, too. White people are more inclined to psychologically destroy their white brothers and sisters.

It’s time for people to start being honest with themselves and stop fearing their own damn shadows. Racism does exist, but you are probably not a racist, even if you think you might be. How do you know you’re not really a racist? Simple—when you see real racists, you feel uncomfortable around them. You might think it’s racist that you fear getting robbed when you see blacks standing near your house, or you distrust a Jewish businessman, or you expect that a Mexican you just made friends with has a dozen siblings. But it’s not—it’s merely that patterns have been amplified and turned into stereotypes. White folks stereotype others, but so do Mexicans, Indians, Chinese, and everyone else. We try to embrace our differences, but when shit goes wrong, we remember those differences and often see them as the fuel that started the fire.

Do yourself a favor: When you see a white person in the media getting crap because he reacted badly to someone of a different race attacking him and said one word too many in anger, don’t stand their shaking your head with disdain, because you know you’d probably have done the same. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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