A Few Little Reminders For The You I Used To Be

1. I want you to always remember that you can become whatever you want to become, but that’s nowhere near as important as knowing that you can be exactly who you are.

2. You come from generations of love, resilience, and grit. You were meant to deviate from the norm – and that’s perfectly okay.

3. Step boldly in the direction of uncertainty.

4. Spend less time on social media. You’ll feel more at peace when you aren’t fixated on comparing your life to others’ pixel-perfect photo facades.

5. Seek out alone time and social interaction in equal amounts – you have to work to find a happy medium.

6. The opposite of progress? Comfort. Comfort stifles innovation. On the other hand, if you’re uncomfortable, bear in mind that you are weaving through the tangled threads of life and moving one step closer to your goals.

7. You can be soft-spoken but still speak with firmness, so that every head in the room turns in your direction. You don’t need a loud, powerful voice – words alone carry weight.

8. Aim to be respected over being liked. You’ll understand that more as you grow older.

9. Be patient as things unravel. Unfortunately, very few things in life are met with instant gratification, and success is the most delayed form of gratification. The “behind the scenes” process is the most palpable form of discomfort you’ll endure.

10. Eat healthy and stay active – strong physical health equates to strong mental health and you of all people, need sufficient exercise to stay balanced.

11. Let negative fleeting thoughts come, subside, and eventually pass. Nothing is as serious as it seems to the vulnerable and intricate human mind.

12. You are your own worst critic. You can’t live to abide by societal standards; body image and beauty standards are subjective. In other words – you can’t win, ever. Focus your knowledge and attention on matters with substance, things that will still have meaning years from now.

13. You admire people who are unapologetically themselves. Be exactly what you admire in others.

14. Lastly, don’t let fear of the unknown intimidate or stop you from relentlessly chasing after your goals. For what it’s worth – Your dreams are worth the pursuit. Better to have tried than to have not lived at all.

Writer, PR practitioner, oat milk enthusiast.

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