Relax. You’ll Get There.

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Something must have happened when we rounded the corner into the twenty-first century. We became obsessed with speed, the fast lane of life, constantly wondering when or if we’ll become a signed musician, sell the rights to our first book, fall in love with “the one”, make our first million. But these are our end fruits, the prizes that we are awarded once we’ve gotten through the journey.

The journey. The important aspect in reaching our rewards, our own metaphorical yellow-brick road. It is here within what seems like the wilderness where we learn the most. This is the best part and what makes our end fruits worthwhile. So why have we gotten so impatient? Why have we stopped enjoying the journey? The valley can actually become the best part. Take in the scene while you build. Feel the fresh cut grass between your fingers, smell the summer breeze in your hair, or taste the new fallen rain, for these are small moments that hold some of the greatest beauty.

So do not forget to enjoy what seems at times the lesser of things in life.

These tend to be the most important. For we are only here but for a while. And even in this small and what may seem to some be insignificant stages in life, we still have it. Every minute, every second we are allowed holds importance in reaching our crowns. This is not to say that we shouldn’t work hard or become so relaxed in our work. No. We are creatures of work. We were made for labor. This is how we live and continue on; how we grow. But take the time to appreciate those moments when we stretch and bloom. Everything in our lives is not meant to be fast paced. If they were, what would we learn? Would we appreciate our final outcome?

So don’t worry.  So relax. Enjoy. And remember, you will get there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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