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Bob Dylan’s Christmas Album: An Appreciation Of Sorts

So yes, the obvious interpretation is that Christmas in the Heart is simply another bomb thrown by Dylan at his oppressively weighty reputation. But somehow, this doesn’t fully encapsulate the range of emotions the album inspires.

The Case For A Hologram Elvis

Just imagine the thrill: there you are in a massive stadium, surrounded by a multitude of fans both old and young, anticipation thick in the air. The lights go down, the band begins to play, and the unmistakable sound of “All Shook Up” starts blaring blares from the speakers, and there, before your very eyes for the first time since his untimely death, is the body of Elvis Presley.

In Praise Of Weird Al Yankovic

One of Yankovic’s most famous songs, “Amish Paradise,” provoked the wrath of Coolio, who didn’t appreciate having his solemn gangland rap turned into a silly lark about the Amish.