Tonight, I’m Making A Wish On The Night Sky

Tonight, I am making a wish on the night sky. And I’m placing my wish not only on one star, but on all of the stars. I am hoping that the heavens above will listen and will maybe for one moment, pay attention to the girl in pajamas standing below them.

I am wishing that I could find it in me to see the beauty in myself. Because sometimes I find myself looking into calculating mirrors, hearing criticisms as a harsh yell and compliments as a faint whisper. And tonight, I’m wishing that instead I will come to understand that I am who I have always been and who I am now, and that is enough. And that I am more than enough for myself.

I am wishing that could allow myself to accept someone who gives me all of them instead of settling for someone who gives me little pieces of them. I’m lost in the world of love, but regardless of all my misdirection, I never again want to give my heart away to someone who does not see the beauty in it and in me. I am deserving of someone who will understand me and will choose me time and time again, not just when it’s most convenient.

I am wishing that I could learn to let go of things that are no longer mine. You see, I get attached easily, and sometimes I hold onto things for too long. But I am ready to let go of the things that once were, and I’m ready to let go of the what ifs, and instead I’m ready to see the things that are. I don’t want to spend my limited time holding onto someone who doesn’t want to give any of their time to me. I want to grow and find beautiful things, not stay behind and water wilted flowers.

I am wishing that I could pursue my dreams with fire. I don’t want to become complacent, and I want to grow into what I’ve always wanted to become. I want to do something beautiful with my life. And sometimes I get afraid of failure, and sometimes I get too scared to pursue what I want. But I’m wishing that I could find the bravery in me to chase after a life full of that which I love most.

Tonight, I am placing my wish upon all the stars above me, hoping that my wish is heard. And I understand that sometimes not all wishes can be fulfilled, and that a reply from the stars is never guaranteed. But I’ll be eagerly looking up each night waiting for the day that it’s fulfilled, even if that fulfillment has to come from myself.

I love to drink lavender tea and read books.

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