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I Didn’t Think About You Once Today

I didn’t think about you once today, for the first time since I met you. When I woke up this morning, my first thought was simply that it was too cold to get out of bed; I did not wish that you were lying there beside me.

What Food Teaches Us About Life

There are so many expressions which reiterate the importance of indulging every now and then: “all work and no play,” “early to rise and early bed, makes a man healthy but socially dead,” and my all-time-favorite, “treat yo self!”

What’s Your Type?

Eye color? I know I have a soft-spot for pretty blue eyes, but does it actually make a difference what color they are as long as there’s love behind them when they look back at you?

A Breakup Letter To Los Angeles

It’s sad to think about how much I will miss you, how I will long for us to resolve our differences and get back together, but you’ll barely notice I’ve left. I guess that’s what happens when you breakup with a city though. They go on just fine without you.

Coming To Terms With Gay Pride

I am certainly not ashamed of my sexual orientation, but I am no more proud of being gay than I am proud that I have brown hair. I may not feel the need to hide my sexuality, but that doesn’t mean I want to march down the street in a thong and feather boa either.

Do You Have An Ex Who Deserves Payback?

Did you catch your boyfriend sexting his other secret girlfriend? Allow me to make sure those pictures are ‘accidentally’ forwarded to everyone in his phonebook, email, and high school yearbook, including his mother, boss, and 10th grade algebra teacher.

Kissing Girls And (Kinda) Liking It

Good or bad, I think our first kiss is important because it teaches us something about ourselves. Certainly, the mere fact that kissing is our first literal taste of physical romance makes the first one unforgettable, but I think every kiss holds a message that makes it meaningful as well.

How To Want Someone You Can’t Have

Make sure to keep a smile plastered on your face the entire time he’s talking about this new guy, or else run the risk that your disappointment will spread from your eyes to the rest of your face and betray you.

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