You Deserve A Chance

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You deserve to be fucked. You deserve to be ridiculed and spat upon. You deserve to have your senses violated and your identity destroyed. You deserve to be stalked, starved, and stolen from until you appreciate the true meaning of value. You deserve to be hated, for only through hatred can you chart the territory of love.

You deserve to have your beliefs questioned constantly and your opinions undermined to the point of hysterical doubt. You deserve to be poisoned for the purification of your will. You deserve to be abused, molested, tortured, and abandoned until you can tender bottomless compassion with all the effort of shrugging your shoulders. You deserve to have life spit in your face, and to give back twice as good as you get.

You deserve to be lined up in horizontal rows with the rest of the peons and have brutality screamed in your face. You deserve burned scrapbooks and the death of your name. You deserve ritual madness, organized chaos, to consent to control. You deserve to be shaved bald and left out in the cold, because then and only then can you respect and appreciate warmth as you find it, and true warmth is difficult to come by.

You deserve a Ludovico-style assault on the eyes: time-lapsed video of rotting animal carcasses, firing-squad pop shots, the most heinous and barbaric forms of illegal pornography juxtaposed against symbols of every knowable comfort. You deserve snuff and home-baked cookies, bestiality and Christmas trees, necrophilia and the Rugrats’ opening number. You deserve to see terrorist atrocities and disemboweled POWs and Ted Bundy giving his final performance. You deserve to see it all in high definition: a boot camp for the spirit, a training day for the mind.

You deserve to be upset, degraded, to feel like an imposter in your own body. You deserve a Blitzkrieg on your sensibilities, a Holocaust of your hopes, a stiff reptilian raping of your soul.

You deserve all of this and so much more, because no test worth passing is easy for most, and few will pass the most important test of all. You deserve what you want, if you want what you need. Most importantly of all, you deserve a chance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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