I Found A Highly Classified Document That Detailed A Government-Suppressed Incident Called ‘VO-003’

I apologize to the loyal readers for the long absence of packet drops. The company got incredibly close to discovering me. And by discovering me, I mean shoving me in a dark hole somewhere with a number not a name, half my brain left…or worse. But I managed to get the hell out quick and relocate to a much more secure location. Without giving away anything vital, I’m in a densely populated area with plenty of high level web traffic. A “hide in plain sight” kind of idea. But enough of my situation, it’s time for more truth to be learned.


Packet 3

Warning: Highly Classified

All information is time stamped when available and in general chronological order to best maintain a consistent account of Incident VO-003. All related articles to the incident will be prefixed with the label “VO3”. Biohazard specimen involved in Incident VO-003 is registered as [Redacted] and is labeled as “CBV01”, however it is commonly referred to by First Response Team (FRT) as “The Needles”.

Article VO3-02A1: Security Camera Footage from [Redacted] Hospital ER Reception 11:20PM

The Emergency Room at the hospital is filled to near capacity with injured and visibly distressed people. Many appear to be there looking for other people, while others suffer from various injuries. Two paramedics enter the room with a CBV01 host strapped to a stretcher. They approach reception quickly as a tanned female doctor with a long black ponytail emerges from the double doors to receive them. A nurse with a slight but visible head wound hands the doctor a clipboard.

Nurse: “Here’s the rundown, Dr. Pavell. Look, I’ve gotta’ go. I just got a call from my–”

Paramedic 1: “We’ve got a white male, 148lbs, mid 30’s with some sort of viral infection.”

Doctor Pavell: “Get this patient to the quarantine wing immediately! We’ve put out multiple calls not to bring these patients in through the ER, what the hell are you two thinking?”

PM1: “I’m sorry ma’am, but [Redacted] here got stuck with one of the needles on the patient and he’s starting to–”

Dr. P: “Jesus, and you walked right through the front?”

Paramedic 2: “Ma’am, I’m not feeling so good.”

The second paramedic shows signs of CBV01 infection prior to the mutation cycle. Initial theories conclude that contact with CBV01 into the bloodstream manifests a contagion. Unless a large portion of CBV01 infects the subject, the lethal stage will take between two and four hours to reach full effect. Before hand, the subject experiences severe hot flashes, perspiration, severe light headedness, and often a suffocating lack of breath. Once CBV01 infects the majority of the subjects blood, it temporarily halts all blood flow to the heart and subject enters cardiac arrest and dies. CBV01 then proceeds to enter the mutation phases and takes control of the subject.

Dr. P: “You, get this patient and your friend here both to the quarantine wing now! When you get there, tell Dr. Sullivan that he’s infected as well and needs the strongest beta-blockers we have left.”

The two paramedics quickly head through the double doors and the Nurse leans in towards Dr. Pavell. Audio from the security camera is of low quality and does not clearly receive everything said in this part of the conversation.

N: “[Inaudible]… this whole town. I need to get to … [Inaudible].”

Dr. P: “I know you’re … [Inaudible]… and that’s exactly why I need you and everyone else … [Inaudible] … if we don’t find a way to stop this here–”

At 11:23:17PM, the power goes out over an area of approximately 3 square miles, including the hospital. The lights cut off before camera feed is lost. The feed resumes with a time stamp of 11:24:06. The hospitals backup generators activate and the ER is now lit by emergency lighting while the majority of the patients begin to panic and become unsettled.

Dr. P: “Oh no. The backup generators can’t sustain the power we’re using right now. [Redacted], I need you to make sure we seal the quarantine zone from the rest of the hospital. And I want their receiving access to be guarded by every security staff member we have. Now!”

N: “Yes ma’am. What about you?”

Dr. P: “I’m going to pediatrics. We have to make sure those children are safe.”

N: “Safe from what, Dr?”

Dr. P: “Never mind that, just go!”

The nurse and Dr. Pavell separate and leave camera range in two different directions.


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