I Found A Highly Classified Document That Detailed A Government-Suppressed Incident Called ‘VO-003’

Article VO3-01D3: Intercepted Radio Transmission between PO Crowe and 9-1-1 Dispatch 11:14PM

Police Officer Crowe: “Dispatch, this is Crowe. Do you copy? Over.”

Dispatch: “We copy you, Crowe. Over.”

POC: “We’ve got multiple civilians injured and dead at Burning Prince. There are two officers down. We’ve got one ambulance here, but I’m going to need another. I also need paramedics and fire and rescue to run -”

D: “I’m sorry Crowe, but resources are extremely limited. I’m afraid I cannot send backup. Local communications are the only thing up and running, and just barely. We’re not getting a signal from any outside sources. We’ve received multiple reports of violent crimes by mutilated individuals, and most of the officers in the field are not responding. The hospital is flooded with incoming trauma victims and even they’re beginning to report violent patients. We’re enacting Martial Law, Crowe. We’ll continue to broadcast instruction on multiple frequencies as we can, but you’re on your own, officer. Again, I’m sorry. Godspeed. Over and out.”

Per Protocol 04-E11, all intercepted frequencies are forced into an open transmitting mode. This enables continued monitoring.

POC: “God damn it! We’re fucked, Davidson. They’re enacting Martial Law.”

Police Officer Davidson: “I heard. Crowe, look, I’m sorry, but [Redacted]’s alone with the baby. I can’t–”

There is a loud explosion heard. Screams and car alarms echo in the distance. A few gunshots ring out far from each other. The sound of a siren begins and lessens.

POC: “Where was that? I think it came from the–Davidson! Wait.”

POD: “I’m sorry Crowe, I’ll radio back as soon as [Redacted] and [Redacted] are safe!”

Another siren begins loudly, and the sound of a car screeching it’s tires as that siren dies out quickly as well.

POC: “Fuck!”

Article VO3-01D4: Ambulance Rear Interior Camera 11:16PM

The video shows an ambulance trailer as paramedics wheel in a patient strapped to a gurney. The patient shows visible lacerations to face and chest, and exhibits initial signs of CBV01 infection. Before the rear doors are closed, PO Crowe enters the ambulance and takes a seat. PO Crowe’s radio continues to receive audio.

Police Officer Crowe: “If you guys don’t mind, I’m gonna’ hitch a ride.”

Paramedic: “That’s fine with me officer, but I may need your help to restrain this one.”

POC: “No offense, but I’m not touching that person… I don’t think you should either.”

The paramedic stares confused at PO Crowe as the other paramedic starts the ambulance engine and sirens and begins to drive to the hospital.

End of Packet 2


That’s all the information I can manage to leak right now. The incident must be made public. What the company found. What it did. Soon, everyone will know. But for now, I have to lie low again. The proximity of their locating software is getting into the yellow. Once the numbers start going green again, expect another packet. As long I haven’t been Protocol 17’ed or worse, of course.


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