I Found A Highly Classified Document That Detailed A Government-Suppressed Incident Called ‘VO-003’

Article VO3-01D1: Intercepted Cell Phone Camera footage from Ms. Samantha [Redacted] 11:06PM

The video shows a busy bar interior, the establishment is confirmed as the Burning Prince Pub. The video focuses on multiple individuals in their 20s playing a competitive drinking game. However, the focus quickly shifts to SA2 at the far end of the bar.

SA2 is seen stumbling through the mass of people. Initial theories conclude multiple strong heat and scent signatures temporarily confuse most subjects in stage 1. SA2 has trouble locking onto a preferred target. The patrons of the bar seem to either not notice or simply not care about SA2’s presence. Finally, the subject singles out a victim, a large black male at the bar. SA2 wraps its arms around the victim. The male initially approaches the situation jovially. When SA2 does not withdraw, the victim grows angry.

Despite a quick escalation of physical force, SA2 does not detach from the victim. Other people begin to aide the victim, but still cannot separate SA2 from him. The sound of bones breaking and the man screaming can be heard. The patrons of the pub begin to take notice of the situation and the noise level begins to drop substantially. The male victim’s screams are now clear.

Victim: “My chest, ah god! She’s stabbing me! Help!”

More people attempt to remove SA2 from male victim. One of the pub’s security personnel approaches with a metal baseball bat. He strikes SA2 upon the back of the head. SA2 cries out and begins to enter stage 2. The red protrusions emerge from SA2’s chest and face and impale the male victim. The protrusions also jut from the subject’s back and arms. At least two of the pub patrons and the security personnel are pierced by the protrusions and suffer substantial injuries as well as contraction of CBV01.

At this point, the majority of the patrons begin to scream and evacuate the establishment in a non-orderly fashion, including the cell phone owner. Footage becomes unusable for 0:00:13 before ceasing.

Article VO3-01D2: Intercepted Cell Phone Camera footage from Mr. Terrance [Redacted] 11:09PM

The video shows the interior of the Burning Prince Pub. A mass of patrons rush past the cell phone owner, however the camera holds steady. Two gunshots are fired and the crowd screams and rushes faster. The camera owner ducks under a table but continues to record invaluable footage. The large crowd dissipates and four police officers become clear in range of the camera. PO Crowe and PO Davidson are confirmed as two of the officers. The camera view shifts right, and SA2 can be seen. The male victim is on the floor, drained of most of his blood. A few of the red protrusions are still connected between SA2 and the victim, siphoning off the last of the victim’s blood.

PO Crowe fires three more rounds into SA2, striking the connecting spikes. Blood sprays from the broken protrusions and SA2 screeches. PO Davidson and the other two officers open fire as well. The subject launches multiple spikes towards the officers. PO Crowe and Davidson manage to dodge, as well as one of the other officers. However, the officer in the back is struck in the chest and face by three spikes. He collapses and begins to convulse.

SA2 then charges the other unidentified officer before he can stand. The officer fires two sidearm rounds that connect but do not stop SA2. The subject collides with the officer, causing multiple puncture wounds and pinning him to a wall. The officer screams in pain, but continues to open fire into SA2.

At this point, bottles of liquor begin to crash and break onto SA2. The camera view shifts to PO Crowe and Davidson. They continue to throw bottles at SA2. The camera view shifts back to the subject who is now becoming drenched in alcohol. SA2 pays little attention to the minor tissue wounds from the broken glass as it drains the motionless and now presumed deceased officer. PO Crowe uses a pocket lighter to ignite the alcohol and SA2 immediately catches fire. The subject exhibits the same dying behavior as SB1, spinning in place violently and screaming before finally collapsing.

PO Crowe and Davidson begin to evacuate as Crowe notices cell phone owner.

Police Officer Crowe: “Jesus fucking Christ, kid. What the hell are you doing down there?”

Terrance: “Dude, that… oh man, that was intense! What the hell -”

PO Crowe reaches down under the table and the footage ends.


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