I Found A Highly Classified Document That Detailed A Government-Suppressed Incident Called ‘VO-003’

Article VO3-01B7: Intercepted Radio Transmission between PO Crowe and 9-1-1 Dispatch 10:52PM

Police Officer Crowe: “Dispatch, this is Crowe. Do you read me? Over.”

0:00:15 of radio silence.

POC: “Dispatch, do you read?!”

Dispatch: “We read you, 709. Sorry, we’re dealing with a lot here. We need you en route immediately to the Burning Prince Pub at [Redacted]. We’ve received reports of a 240, possible 187. Initial reports are unclear. Over.”

POC: “Dispatch, there’s something going on here in [Redacted]. Something seriously fucked up. Some kind of…creature just attacked me at the shelter. It wasn’t a normal animal, dispatch. Can we contact the CDC or someone? Over.”

0:00:10 of radio silence.

POC: “Dispatch, do you copy? Over!”

0:00:06 of radio silence.

POC: “Goddamn it. Dispatch, if you read, I’m en route to the bar. Over and out.”


Article VO3-01C1: Private Company Manifest for First Response Team Operation


  • Modified C-12 Huron with rear entry cargo door
  • 6 parachutes and backup chutes including high altitude jump gear

Tactical Gear:

  • 6 full sets of advanced issue level 3 gear. All level 3 gear designed to handle common dangers involved with VO class incidents
  • 6 Audio and Video communication and recording headsets


  • 5 FN P90 Tactical Submachine guns with suppressors
  • 6 HK MK23 Pistols with suppressors
  • 1 DTA SRS Modified Long Range Bullpup Rifle
  • 6 Chem-Launcher MK4 Rifles
  • 1500 rounds of 5.7x28mm
  • 240 rounds of .45 ACP
  • 60 rounds of .260 Rem
  • 40 rounds of .338 LM
  • 18 canisters of [Redacted]

Article VO3-01C2: FRT Initial Audio/Video Transmission Check and Debriefing 11:13PM

Pvt. Sparrow: “Private Sparrow. Active.”

Pvt. Owl: “Private Owl. Active.”

Pvt. Falcon: “Private Falcon. Live.”

Pvt. Eagle: “Private Eagle. Active.”

Sgt. Buzzard: “Sergeant Buzzard. Active and achin’.”

Lt. Hawk: “Lieutenant Hawk. Active. All team members showing green on communications and vitals. Everyone is strictly by code names from this point on.”

Pvt. F: “Aw, but Pvt. Sparrow has such a beautiful middle name. She likes it when I whisper it in her ear.”

Pvt. S: “You come whisperin’ anywhere near my ear, Falcon, and I’ll slice yer’ lips off before ye’ have a chance to stop puckering them.”

Sgt. B: “Cut the chatter. The Lt’s about to debrief us, you idiots.”

Lt. H: “Alright you meat sacks, I know you want to get paid almost as much as I do, so listen up. Early Warning system registered a VO incident in [Redacted] roughly three hours ago. That doesn’t give us long. The probability of successful containment grows smaller by the minute. Not to mention that the black-out umbrella that the company has deployed will only hold for six more hours, if we’re lucky. We can only keep the government in the dark for so long.”

Sgt. B: “Never had a window that small before, Lt. What gives?”

Lt. H: “This isn’t like any VO we’ve encountered, Buzz. Initial reports say that the VO we’re dealing with is extremely lethal. And not just in the conventional sense. After becoming infected the host violently infects or kills other life forms. Human or otherwise, apparently.”

Pvt. O: “I admire a killer who claims its victims indiscriminately.”

Pvt. E: “Not fucking off-putting at all, Owl. Lt, are we authorized to engage these ‘hosts’ with lethal force?”

Lt. H: “Only if you have no other choice. We’re being issued Chem-launchers and a special cocktail R&D threw together.”

Pvt. S: “Bloody Chem-Launchers, mum? I haven’t been on a VO mission before, but ain’t Chem-Launchers a tad on the light side?”

Lt. H: “Home turf, lady and gentlemen. Company wants civilian casualties to an absolute minimum. If you encounter a host at stage 1, you Chem-blast them. Stage 2, you are green-lit to go lethal if engaged. What data we have is in your debriefing packets. If you haven’t read them, do it now. If you have, read them again. Our mission is to ascertain the origin of the outbreak, collect and safely contain adequate sample material, and guide any uncontaminated survivors to a safe evacuation zone.”

Sgt. B: “What’s our evac protocol on this one, Lt?”

Lt. H: “Protocol 17. Full medical after, too.”

Pvt. F: “Ooh, Protocol 17? I hope we get to watch. I love seeing the civies get mind wiped. They get drool all over and some of ‘em even piss themselves. They look fucking thrilled about it, too. It’s hilarious.”

Pvt. S: “Funny, that’s exactly how we all think of you, Falcon.”

Many of the FRT members laugh.

Pvt. F: “Yeah yeah, glad to risk life and limb with you assholes, too.”

Lt. H: “Alright, meat sacks. Get your shit together. We’re about 10 minutes from the drop zone. This is going to be a clean op. This is going to be a smooth op. This is going to be a very lucrative op. You will not cost me any of my precious pay. You will not cost me any of my precious blood. We will save everyone I tell us to save. We will kill everything I tell us to kill. Do you understand?”

FRT: “Sir, yes sir!”



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