I Found A Highly Classified Document That Detailed A Government-Suppressed Incident Called ‘VO-003’

Article VO3-01A2: Closed Circuit Security Camera footage from Burning Prince back door 10:40PM

Security Camera footage shows two stray cats behind open back door of the Burning Prince Pub. Both cats hiss and quickly flee as SA2 enters camera range. SA2 approaches backdoor of the pub and stops for a moment. SA2 then enters the establishment.


Article VO3-01B1: Intercepted Radio Transmission between Police Officer Crowe and 9-1-1 Dispatch 10:45PM

Dispatcher: “Unit 709, do you copy? Over.”

Police Officer Crowe: “709, copy. Over.”

D: “Please state your 20, 709.”

POC: “I’m headed north on the 1600 block of [Redacted]. No sign of suspect, over.”

D: “We’ve got a silent alarm triggered three miles from your location at [Redacted]. The Ogilvy Animal Shelter. Over.”

POC: “10-4, Dispatch. I’ll check it out. Over and out.”

0:02:38 of Radio Silence.

POC: “Dispatch, this is Crowe. I’m on location at the animal hospital. Looks like signs of forced entry around the back. I’m going to head inside. Over.”

D: “Roger, 709. Proceed with caution. Over and out.”

Article VO3-01B2: Closed Circuit Security Camera footage from Ogilvy Shelter rear storage and access doors. 10:48PM

PO Crowe enters camera range and proceeds towards the shelters back door. The door is ajar and heavily damaged, as well as splattered with blood. PO Crowe readies his sidearm and flashlight and enters the open doorway.

Article VO3-01B3: Security Camera footage from Shelter Interior Back Room 10:48PM

PO Crowe enters the shelter. There is a trail of blood on the floor, leading from the back door. Most likely subject injured itself forcefully gaining access through the locked door. PO Crowe slowly follows the blood trail out of camera range.

Article VO3-01B4: Security Camera footage from Shelter Kennel Room A 10:49PM

The kennel room is covered almost completely in blood splatters. Most of the cages have been ripped open and emptied. PO Crowe enters camera range. He hesitates for a moment upon inspection. There is a noise off camera that attracts PO Crowe. He slowly approaches.

Article VO3-01B5A: Security Camera footage from Shelter Kennel Room A angle 2 10:49PM

PO Crowe proceeds along the long corridor of broken cages and blood. There are two visible dog corpses. They appear thin and drained of blood. Unfortunately, much of the lighting has been damaged and visibility is poor. At the end of the hallway, there is a door leading to a surgical room and another kennel room. The security camera’s audio picks up a scratching sound from the door. PO Crowe keeps his weapon drawn and opens the door. Two dogs and a cat come rushing out and past him. They quickly escape camera range and the rest of the facility. PO Crowe pauses for a moment to gather himself then continues into the surgical room.

Article VO3-01B6: Security Camera footage from Shelter Surgical Room 10:49PM

There is more blood and animal corpses, cats and dogs. All appear to be completely drained of blood, with much of it stained all about the room. There is another noise picked up by camera audio. It seems to be the whimpering of a dog. PO Crowe approaches the door at the other end of the room, leading to Kennel Room B. Before he can grab the handle, the door shoots off the frame and collides with PO Crowe. A mass of multiple animal corpses laced together by CBV01 emerges from the doorway, supported by at least 10 limbs jutting from almost every direction. Subject is the first registered animal host of CBV01 and is here on referred to as Subject VO3-001B1 (SB1).

SB1 launches multiple spikes into the door, but does not seem to wound PO Crowe. The officer tosses the door at SB1, staggering it a moment as PO Crowe flees and fires his sidearm at the subject. Each shot connects to center mass of SB1, but the shots do not seem to cause any significant damage. PO Crowe continues to flee as SB1 gives chase.

SB1 moves quickly and effortlessly, spinning its body as it is propelled by its multiple limbs. Its spikes are numerous and long, flexing back and down as it gains momentum. CBV01 seems to develop quicker in certain animals. PO Crowe manages to escape the surgical room before SB1 can catch him.

Article VO3-01B5B: Security Camera footage from Shelter Kennel room B angle 2 10:50PM

PO Crowe exits the surgical room, slamming the door behind him. He sprints away from the door as it erupts with part of the wall and debris from the surgical room. SB1 is at the center of the destruction, showing extreme tenacity in its hunting methods. PO Crowe is struck by a large portion of the debris and is launched down the hall. SB1 stops for a moment as a large gas canister begins to spray from a crack in the wall. The gas envelops SB1’s body. Initial theories concluded the gas confused SB1’s detection senses. PO Crowe seizes the moment and opens fire on the canister. The gas ignites and the flames quickly engulf SB1. The subject screeches from multiple throat canals as it spins in place. Theories conclude that the heat of the fire confuses CBV01 and is highly effective in damaging it.

PO Crowe quickly rights himself and continues to escape the facility.


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