I Found A Highly Classified Document That Detailed A Government-Suppressed Incident Called ‘VO-003’

Article VO3-00E4: Intercepted Police Radio Transmission between Police Officer Crowe and 9-1-1 Dispatch 10:35PM

Police Officer Crowe: “Dispatch, this is Unit 709, do you copy?”

Dispatch: “This is Dispatch, 709. We copy you. Over.”

POC: “We have a suspect headed east, by southeast I think! Armed and very dangerous! Get units to [Redacted] and [Redacted] and put out an APB. We also have a 187 at [Redacted]. Christ, there was blood everywhere. I only saw one body, male. There may be a survivor. We need an ambulance and a crime scene unit.”

Dispatch: “10-4, Unit 709. Do you have a description of the suspect?”

POC: “God, uh. White male, plaid shirt and jeans. Covered in blood and what looked like big red spikes. He smelled horrible. He charged at me and Davidson with some sort of weapon made out of those spikes. We fired about half a dozen rounds. Over.”

D: “Was the suspect wounded, 709? Over.”

POC: “Every shot connected, Dispatch. The suspect should be dead. Instead it leapt out of a two-story window and disappeared. Davidson’s going to stay on scene while I patrol the block. See if I can find the suspect. Over.”

D: “Copy that, 709. Units are en route. Proceed with extreme caution. Over and out.”


Article VO3-00F1: Recorded Phone Conversation from Dir. T. [Redacted] to Lt. S. [Redacted]; Codename: Lt. Hawk 10:47PM

Lt. H: “Mr. Director. What can I do for you tonight?”

Dir. T: “How did you know it was me? This line is completely unregistered and untraceable.”

Lt. H: “Honestly, sir, would you expect any less? After all, it is the kind of thing you pay me for.”

Dir. T: “Among many things, lieutenant. And speaking of, I have a new mission for you. VO class in [Redacted], if you can believe it.”

Lt. H: “Shit, home turf. Do we have an origin? Was it an attack?”

Dir. T: “Still unknown. We just received the notification from the Early Warning System and have a handful of preliminary data. We’ve notified your team members and the data should already be on your tablet. There’s a chopper waiting for you at the location specified in the data, which will take you to the rendezvous point. From there you’ll receive further orders. Good luck, Sophia.”

Lt. H: “Thank you sir, but I never need it.”

End of Packet 1


As long as this location remains secure, I will continue to leak packets onto this forum. I’m running plenty of high level counter measures, but I can’t raise too many flags at once. They will narrow in on me quickly if I’m not careful. I won’t end up as just another redacted name. I must stay vigilant.

So far I’ve stayed fairly low on the radar. I’ve had to block a few intrusive little programs the company has in place, but overall my presence here has gone unnoticed. However, the more of you that read and share this, the more likely they are to find out…and find me. But that is the whole point of all this subterfuge. I knew the risks when I left the company and took quite a few things with me. Anyway, I’ve said enough. Here is the next packet of articles.


Packet 2

Warning: Highly Classified

All information is time stamped when available and in general chronological order to best maintain a consistent account of Incident VO-003. All related articles to the incident will be prefixed with the label “VO3”. Biohazard specimen involved in Incident VO-003 is registered as [Redacted] and is labeled as “CBV01”, however it is commonly referred to by First Response Team (FRT) as “The Needles”.

Article VO3-01A1: Open Circuit Camera footage from Traffic Camera at [Redacted] 10:39PM

Traffic Camera picks up a positive ID on a CBV01 host entering the parking lot for the Burning Prince Pub. Host appears to be a white female, in the mid-phase of Stage 1. Host is here on referred to as Subject VO3-00A2 (SA2). SA2 has few visible wounds or protrusions above the skin. Her movement is erratic, yet still human-like. The subject is arguably more dangerous in this stage, because they still appear relatively normal.

SA2 staggers through the parking lot, stopping for a time of 4-8 seconds at four different vehicles. Initial theories conclude that the subject is registering heat emissions and quickly deducing that the origin is not from viable prey. SA2 then leaves camera range behind the establishment.


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