I Found A Highly Classified Document That Detailed A Government-Suppressed Incident Called ‘VO-003’

Article VO3-00D1: Intercepted Phone Conversation from Mr. Thomas [Redacted] to 9-1-1 Emergency Response 10:13PM

Dispatcher: “9-1-1 Emergency response, please state the nature —”

Thomas: “Look, those people are at it again. I don’t care what they do behind closed doors, but I get at up 4:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep through that asshole beating his wife or whatever the hell is going on.”

D: “Your neighbor’s are having an altercation, sir?”

T: “You’re damn right they’re having an ‘altercation’! Even they’re god damned dog’s getting in on it this time. Listen to this.”

There is the sound of a dog barking frantically and the distant sound of something breaking.

T: “Please get someone out there to solve this shit before I go insane. They’re at [Redacted], and please don’t have the officer come to my door after. I just want some damn sleep.”

D: “We’ll send a vehicle right away, sir.”

T: “Thank you!”


Article VO3-00E1: Intercepted Police Radio Transmission between Officer [Redacted] Crowe and 9-1-1 Dispatch 10:15PM

Dispatch: “We have a 4-1-5 and possible 2-7-3-D at [Redacted]. Any available units in the area? Over.”

Officer Crowe: “This is Unit 709, Crowe and Davidson. We’ll take that 4-1-5, Dispatch. En route now, ETA 10:25. Over.”

D: “Roger that, Unit 709. Over and out.”

Article VO3-00E2: Police Cruiser 709 Dash-Cam footage and audio between Police Officers Crowe and [Redacted] Davidson 10:17PM

Police Officer Davidson: “Looks like we’ve got a wife-beater at [Redacted], Crowe. If we catch him in the act, do I get to stomp him or you?”

Police Officer Crowe: “Dispatch said ‘possible’, all we know right now is it’s a disturbance… but if there is some scumbag beating his wife, rookies don’t get to call dibs on knocking the perp senseless.”

POD: “How do you expect me to learn anything when you keep the leash so tight?”

POC: “Davidson, did you just willingly refer to yourself as a dog?”

POD: “Hey, I worked K-9 before this beat. I’ve known dogs I’d trust with my life more than half the blues I’ve worked with.”

POC: “Fair enough. It won’t take us long to get there, why don’t you pull up the address and see if the residents have any history or priors.”

There is 00:04:38 of driving with no conversation.

POD: “Looks like two residents. Michael [Redacted] and Lesley [Redacted]. Husband has two priors for drunk and disorderly and one for aggravated assault, but that charge was dropped.”

POC: “Alright, you focus on Mrs. [Redacted] and I’ll take care of the husband. If he gets violent, you just make sure she’s behind you before you back me up.”

POD: “10-4 on that.”

POC: “Alright, we’re here.”

Article VO3-00E3: Intercepted Police Radio Transmission between Police Officer Crowe and 9-1-1 Dispatch 10:23PM

Police Officer Crowe: “Dispatch, this is Unit 709. We’ve reached [Redacted]. No lights on or signs of disturbance. Over.”

Dispatch: “Copy that, 709. We’ve received another call from the area about loud noises from that location. Proceed with caution. Over.”

POC: “10-4, Dispatch. Over and out.”


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