I Found A Highly Classified Document That Detailed A Government-Suppressed Incident Called ‘VO-003’

Article VO3-00B1: Intercepted Phone Conversation from Mrs. Lenora [Redacted] to Mrs. Jeanette [Redacted] 9:17PM

Jeanette: “Hello?”

Lenora: “Jeany? Is that you? Oh thank god.”

The sound of agitated horses and some sort of commotion can be heard.

J: “Lenora, what’s the matter?”

L: “Jeany, it’s killing them. It’s out there killing all my horses.”

J: “What are you talking about? What’s killin’ your horses? Where’s Buck?”

L: “He’s at the bar, and he won’t answer my calls. Jeany, you’re a good shot. You gotta’ get over here before all my poor horses are dead.”

J: “Well hell, girl. Alright, hold on. I’m gonna’ grab Boyd’s .38, gimme’ a minute.”

There’s a shuffling sound that begins to dissipate.

L: “Oh god, Jeany, hurry the hell up. It sounds like it’s hurting them real bad. I don’t hear Lyle or Patches either, Jeany. What if it killed my god damn dogs? Oh my – wait. Hello? …Buck, is that you? What’re you just standing in the doorway for, Buck? Lemme’ just…oh lord, you’re not Buck. Uh…mister, are you okay? Was there an accident, sir? You’ve got a lot of those things sticking out of you… Sir, are you —”

There’s a crashing sound and glass breaking. There’s a loud series of quick thuds and screaming. There are some ripping noises as the screams escalate and are then silenced. There’s a few more struggling noises, then those too end quickly.

J: “Okay, I found it and some ammo. I can be there in about 15 minutes, ok? …Lenora sweetie, can you hear me? Look, I’m on the way, ok? Just keep your doors and windows shut until I get there.”


Article VO3-00C1: Intercepted Phone Conversation from Ms. Pamela [Redacted] to 9-1-1 Emergency Response 9:39PM

Dispatcher: “9-1-1 Emergency response, please state the nature of your emergency.”

Pam: “Uh, hey. My name’s Pam [Redacted]. I work over here at Mama Cindy’s Diner. There’s a … well, there’s a weird looking guy in the parking lot.”

D: “Has he bothered anyone, ma’am?”

P: “Not exactly. Um, a few customers were about to leave, but he’s standing kind of close to their car. It freaked ‘em out so they told Barry about it. Oh, he’s our manager.

D: “Do you have a description of the individual, ma’am?”

P: “No, sorry, it’s really dark in that part of the parking lot. I don’t even see him right now. I did see him earlier, and there was something strange about the guy. He was just hunched over out there, and there was a bunch of stuff on him. It looked like spikes or something gnarly. Oh, wait. Barry’s going to go out and ask him to leave. I guess we’re good. Thanks.”

D: “Would you like us to send an officer to your location, ma’am?”

P: “Nah, that’s cool. Barry’s run off hobos before, no big deal. ‘Night.”

Article VO3-00C2: Security Camera Footage from Mama Cindy’s parking lot 9:41PM

A white male in a work uniform exits diner front doors and approaches far end of the parking lot and a second individual. Lighting is minimal and visibility is low, but thanks to visual enhancements, second individual is confirmed as SA1. Subject at this point is in Stage 2 of CBV01. Protrusions are now up to 1″ – 2″ long. Posture and movement is unorthodox due to high number of fractures.

SA1 remains relatively still as white male approaches and calls out to SA1. Visual and audio stimuli do not seem to trigger or arouse SA1. Initial theories suggest Stage 2 hosts acquire targets through scent and heat sensitivity.

Once male approaches within approximately eight feet of SA1, the protrusions on the chest extend outward and pierce the male victim. SA1 falls backwards on all fours, displaying it’s contortionist behavior. By Stage 2, CBV01 has already consumed and replaced all or most of the blood in the subject’s body. It then contorts the body through the veins and muscles to whatever position suits its needs. This ability allows SA1 to support the weight of the male victim impaled on its protrusions and quickly exit the parking lot on all fours.



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