I Found A Highly Classified Document That Detailed A Government-Suppressed Incident Called ‘VO-003’

Article VO3-02A8: Security Camera Footage Pediatrics Hub 11:43PM

The burning stretcher enters camera range quickly followed by Police Officer Crowe. The female CBV01 host is out of Room 3 and heading towards the hall area. PO Crowe plows the burning stretcher with enormous force into the female host. Crowe continues to push the host into a wall. The hosts protrusions extend even further towards Crowe, but cannot span the gap of the full stretcher. The fire begins to consume the host as it screams and thrashes.

POC: “Now, everyone! Now!”

The group of juvenile patients and medical staff enter camera range, rushing past PO Crowe and the blazing CBV01 host. Once the majority of the group exit the double doors of the Hub, PO Crowe pushes off the stretcher and sprints up behind them. The group exits the Pediatrics wing as the female host screams and burns to death.

Article VO3-02A9: Security Camera Footage Hospital Cafeteria 11:48PM

The hospital cafeteria is in ruins. Most of the tables are flung aside or turned over. There are splatters of blood and food in multiple areas. Near the far end of the large room is a group of three CBV01 hosts in the process of siphoning blood from a single victim. CBV01 hosts cause deep tissue and cardio/vascular wounds, then absorb the blood through the protrusions.

An oxygen canister rolls quickly into camera range and travels across the cafeteria, coming to rest against a table near the group of CBV01 hosts. There is a single sidearm shot fired out of camera range and the canister is punctured and detonates. There is a cloud of dust and blood, and the group of hosts and the lone victim are utterly destroyed. The concussive force of the shock causes the camera to shake violently for a moment and settle at an askew angle. Usable footage is still gained.

Police Officer Crowe enters into camera range, motioning for him to be joined. The group of juveniles and medical staff enter camera range and moves with Crowe across the cafeteria towards the exit. They are stopped when the glass on the exit door shatters and red protrusions puncture inward. The group retreats as some of the children scream. Doctor Pavell guides the group around the food bar and into the kitchen.

The exit door erupts off its hinges and a large male CBV01 host in stage 2 enters the room. It is soon followed by two hosts in late stage 1. The two stage 1 hosts are both male as well, and they are just beginning to show 4″ to 6″ protrusions. They still retain relatively normal muscle/motor function and body structure.

One of the stage 1 hosts locks onto the group and screams. He dashes towards the group and leaps upon the cafeteria food bar. Just as he gains footing, PO Crowe fires two shots that make connection to the torso of the host. The host launches backwards off the bar and crashes into a table, shattering it. He begins to rise up as the other two CBV01 hosts acquire the group and scream while moving in. Police Officer Crowe begins to open fire while the group of juveniles and medical staff huddle into the corner of the kitchen behind him.

Police Officer Crowe: “God damn it!”

Article VO3-02B1: Secure Headset Feed: Hawk 11:51PM

Headset Camera is in night vision mode. Lt. Hawk enters the cafeteria main entrance, approximately three feet behind one of the stage 1 hosts. She aims her P90 downwards and fires a single round into the subject’s calf. The CBV01 host collapses to his knees. Lt. Hawk fires another round into the back of the hosts neck, severing the spinal column and eliminating the host.

Lt. Hawk kicks a chair that collides with the other stage 1 host, doing no real damage, but gaining the attention of the both remaining hosts. The stage 2 host screams its intimidation scream and the stage 1 host rushes Lt. Hawk. She fires a three-round burst into the host, sending it to the floor. The stage 2 host leaps towards Lt. Hawk, who ducks to avoid the mass. The stage 2 crashes into two tables and briefly struggles to right itself.

Lt Hawk fires two more rounds into the stage 1 hosts head before it has an opportunity to get up. The stage 2 host is now up and it fires a small set of protrusions out of it’s body at Lt Hawk. She ducks and rolls behind a turned over table as the red protrusions strike into the table.

Lt. Hawk: “Whenever you’re ready, Owl.”

Article VO3-02B2: Secure Headset Feed: Owl 11:52PM

Headset Camera displays rifle crosshairs, and beyond it the CBV01 stage 2 host through the cafeteria window, beginning to march towards Lt Hawk’s position. The scope range registers target at approximately 182 meters.

Pvt. Owl: “Copy that.”

Pt Owl fires a single round of .338 LM into the CBV01 hosts head. It explodes in a red and white cloud as the host collapses forwards.

Article VO3-02B3: Secure Headset Feed: Hawk 11:52PM

Lt. Hawk: “Thank you Pt Owl. Now rendezvous with Sparrow and prepare for extraction.”

Pvt O.: “Yes ma’am.”

Lt. Hawk gets up and approaches the kitchen. She shines her light and PO Crowe and the group of hospital survivors can be seen hiding in the back of the kitchen. PO Crowe doesn’t aim his sidearm, but he doesn’t lower it either.

Police Officer Crowe: “Who the hell are you?”

Lt H: “1st Lt Hawk. I’m here to save your ass.”

End of Packet 3


That’s the last entry of the third packet. I cannot promise I’ll be able to drop another packet soon. Honestly, I’m beginning to grow amazed I’ve pulled it out thus far. But as long as I draw breath, I will not cease to shine a light on their lies and secrets. Stay tuned, friends. There will be many more. TC mark


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