I Found A Highly Classified Document That Detailed A Government-Suppressed Incident Called ‘VO-003’

Article VO3-2A5: Security Camera Footage Pediatrics Hall 11:35PM

The female host rounds the corner from the hub room to the hall and shambles down the hallway towards Room 8. Initial observations suggest the host has already loosely acquired the heat signatures and distinct odor from the targets in Room 8. As juveniles emit higher concentrations of endorphins and numerous other odor secretions that are of a heightened level, observations conclude that human’s under 16-18 years are easier to acquire and track for CBV01 hosts.

She stops for a moment near the door to Room 5, sniffing the door frame and the door handle. The host seems to lose interest within approximately 0:01:12. She continues to walk awkwardly towards the end of the hallway. Her left leg appears shattered in multiple locations, as well as a dislocated arm. However, the otherwise useless limbs are rendered useful by CBV01. The virus provides support to the broken and hindered limbs while enabling multiple points of articulation that could not be achieved without the laced CBV01 in the subjects bloodstream and muscle system.

The subject stops in the middle of the hallway, sniffing intently at the air. She turns towards the door to Room 8 and approaches. The host subject begins to scratch her protrusions against the door, her back facing it. Initial theories differ on conclusions; one theory suggests that this technique is another level of target acquisition. The red protrusions are the strongest concentration of CBV01 in a host and only begin to manifest at stage 2. Others theorize that the protrusions collect scent and heat signatures like antennae, but there is no conclusive evidence to support this. Other initial theories suggest that this technique is much like the scream and is simply a method to cause alarm in potential targets.

The doctor and her patients in Room 8 do not seem to succumb to the technique, and do not directly attract the female CBV01 host. After approximately 0:00:48 of the host raking her protrusions against the door, there is a high-pitched scream registered by camera audio originating from the male host in the Pediatrics Hub. Initial theories conclude that while CBV01 hosts do not seem to hunt by sound, they do appear to coordinate and interact on a very basic level using screams of different pitch and frequency.

The female host twitches and responds in both screams and clicks from her throat. She quickly stumbles back down the hallway and towards the Pediatrics Hub.

Article VO3-02A6: Security Camera Footage Pediatrics Hub 11:37PM

The male CBV01 host is bangs on the thick glass wall to Room 3. The subject’s blood begins to splatter and stain the glass. The female approaches and gains speed before coming to a full sprint. The movement is fluid, yet completely unnatural to human anatomy. The female host slams into the glass beside the male host. The glass begins to crack and from within the room, camera audio briefly registers a cry from a child’s voice. Both subjects beat and scratch at the glass while screaming for approximately 0:00:28.

At approximately 11:38:14PM, a dark figure comes sprinting through the main double doors with a large piece of hospital equipment in their hands. Lighting and camera quality is poor and the figure can not be discerned at the moment. The figure approaches the two CBV01 hosts from behind with extreme haste, sprinting at full speed. Camera audio registers an electrical whining sound briefly before the dark figure reaches the male CBV01 host.

There is a flash of bright light before a loud popping sound. The male host goes rigid and falls, smoke quickly rising from his still body. The red protrusions quickly dissolved back to a liquid state and splashed onto the tile floor. The dark figure is recognizable and registered as Police Officer Crowe.

The female host loses interest in the two subjects in Pediatrics Room 3 and acquires PO Crowe as the new target. The female CBV01 host lunges for PO Crowe, her protrusions retracting from her back while her forward protrusions simultaneously extend forward. PO Crowe throws the medical equipment at the host, which is recognized to be a portable defibrillator. The female host does not seem fazed by the heavy object colliding with her face. PO Crowe dodges the host’s lunge and removes his sidearm. He fires three rounds into the subjects side at point blank range, causing the female host to smash into the glass wall of Room 3. The force of the crash manages to break the already damaged glass, and the female host breaks through the glass and into a hospital bed, becoming entangled in the sheets and bedside monitoring and medical equipment. The CBV01host begins to twist and thrash in a frantic manner as PO Crowe motions and yells for Nurse Cruz and the patient to exit the room.

Nurse Cruz and the child patient come rushing past PO Crowe and towards the Pediatrics hallway. PO Crowe follows behind them.

Article VO3-02A7: Security Camera Footage Pediatrics Hall 11:40PM

Nurse Cruz and the patient jog into camera range and down the hall to Room 3. Police Officer Crowe follows into frame soon after and joins them as they arrive at the door. Nurse Cruz knocks on the door.

Nurse Cruz: “Doctor, it’s us. There’s a police offcer here, he saved us.”

Police Officer Crowe: “Dr, we need to get you and the children -”

Police Officer Crowe is interrupted as the door opens and Doctor Pavell exits the room to meet them.

Doctor Pavell: “Yes, thank you so much officer. You’ve undoubtedly saved us. Come on children, we need to leave, now.”

The children and nurses quickly file out of the room and huddle near Dr P and PO Crowe.

POC: “Okay everyone, we’re going to play a game. You all have to be super ninjas, ok? That means stay really close to the adults without touching anything or making any sounds. Whoever is the most ninja gets 50 bucks, sound cool?”

The children all agree emphatically and a few begin to crouch and begin to “play”. Camera audio registers the scream of the female CBV01 host in the Pediatrics Hub. Police Officer Crowe briefly glances around. He then darts into Room 8 and quickly returns with a bottle of unregistered liquid. He opens the bottle and soaks a nearby stretcher bed with the liquid. He turns back to the group.

POC: “Okay ninjas, you guys hang back until I give the signal, then you run like the wind!”

PO Crowe turns back around and pulls a matchbook from his pocket. He lights a single match and throws it upon the stretcher. The bedding immediately catches fire and the flames begin to engulf the top of the stretcher quickly. PO Crowe rushes down the hall, pushing the burning stretcher before him. He rounds the corner into the Hub, nearly losing traction from the momentum, his shoes sliding on the tile floor.


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