I Found A Highly Classified Document That Detailed A Government-Suppressed Incident Called ‘VO-003’

Article VO3-02A2: Security Camera footage Hospital Pediatrics Main Hub 11:27PM

Dim orange emergency lights provide poor visibility, but the condition of the Pediatrics wing has already clearly begun to deteriorate at this point. There appears to be only two hospital staff on duty, and they are frantically attempting to keep order. Some of the juvenile patients are beginning to wonder from their rooms. Dr. Pavell enters camera range from a set of double doors leading from the direction of the ER. She quickly escorts the wandering children back to their rooms while rallying the two staff members on duty.

Doctor Pavell: “Nurse Simmons and … Cruz, right? Look, we need to completely shut this section off, immediately.”

Nurse Simmons: “I’m sorry ma’am, what do you mean shut off?”

Dr. P: “I mean we need to barricade the doors. I have very good reason to believe that this hospital, that this entire town, is about to become a very hostile environment. We need to protect these children.”

Nurse Cruz: “I understand there’s some sort of epidemic going on, Dr. Pavell, but what exactly do we need to protect the children from?”

At this moment, a scream is registered distantly by camera audio. It is quickly followed by two gunshots. The two nurses and Dr Pavell stare for a moment to the hub access doors, then to each other. Dr Pavell speaks in a hushed but urgent tone. Audio quality is moderate, but some of the conversation is lost.

Dr. P: “We need to hurry before … [Inaudible] … Cruz, get whatever you can and bar … [Inaudible] … and help me get all these kids into room 8 at the end of the wing.”

Dr. Pavell and Nurse Simmons separate from N Cruz and quickly disperse towards the rooms. Nurse Cruz begins to push large pieces of equipment and furniture towards the access doors. Dr. Pavell and Nurse Simmons begin to quickly gather all of the juvenile patients from room to room.

Article VO3-02A3: Security Camera footage Hospital Pediatrics Hall 11:29PM

Doctor Pavell and Nurse Simmons escort seven juvenile patients toward the room at the end of the hall.

Juvenile Patient 1: “What’s going on, doctor? Why are the lights like this?”

Doctor Pavell: “We’re just running a drill. Nothing to worry about.”

Juvenile Patient 2: “No way! I heard a gun! My grandpa owns a whole bunch of guns, and he showed me how to shoot one once. It was awesome! It sounded just like the one I heard a minute ago.”

Nurse Simmons: “Elliot, keep it down! That wasn’t a gun… it was the tire on Dr. Pavell’s car popping. She’s very upset about it, so don’t mention it again, okay?”

Dr. P: “That’s right! I’m very upset, so I decided while we run the drill, we’re having a bunch of candy!”

The majority of the juveniles cheer and become visibly excited. They rush to Room 8 and Dr. Pavell and Nurse Simmons stop at the door for a moment.

Dr. P: “I’m going to keep them calm. Grab that big bag of M&M’s we have up front and get Cruz back here quickly. Just make sure those doors are well blocked.”

Nurse Simmons nods and jogs back down the hall. Dr. Pavell enters Room 8.

Article VO3-02A4: Security Camera footage Hospital Pediatrics Main Hub 11:31PM

Nurse Simmons enters camera range and jogs behind the reception counter. She grabs a large bag of candy and then begins to approach Nurse Cruz who is arranging large objects against the access doors.

Nurse Simmons: “Cruz, hurry it up. Dr Pavell wants us to all get back to–”

Nurse Cruz ducks down a moment, yet still peeks out of the door windows.

Nurse Cruz: “Shh! Quiet… I see a couple people out there.”

Nurse Simmons also ducks down behind the reception counter.

NS: “Shit, do they have guns? What’s happening?”

NC: “I don’t think they have guns. Wait… they look like they have spikes on their clothes or… Jesus Christ.”

Nurse Cruz quickly pulls away from the doors.

NC: “[Redacted], let’s get to Room 8. Now.”

Nurses Cruz and Simmons head back towards Room 8, but Nurse Cruz stops at the corner of the hall.

NC: “Wait, did you guys get Tommy?”

NS: “Oh god, no. He just had the surgery, I didn’t even see him back there.”

Just at that moment, a loud scream is registered by camera audio. It appears to come from somewhere near Pediatrics.

NC: “Fuck! Just go help the doc keep the rest safe, I’ll get him.”

NS: “But if I help -”

NC: “Just do it, [Redacted]!”

Nurse Simmons rushes out of camera range and Nurse Cruz sprints back towards Room 3. Just as he opens the door, some of the blockade on the access door shoots from its position with a loud crashing impact sound against the doors. There is an inhuman, piercing scream from outside the double doors. Nurse Cruz frantically closes the glass door behind him and quickly backs into the shadows of the room.

Initial observations conclude CBV01 hosts in stage 2 manifest a “screaming ability” that is used as a fear tactic in their hunting methods. It causes their targets to become anxious and fearful, which triggers their sweat and adrenal glands. This produces a distinct and pungent odor to acquire and follow.

The CBV01 host(s) crash again against the barricaded double doors, causing more of the barricade material to break away and fly from the doors. The screaming continues and begins to grow louder and seemingly more desperate. After approximately six attempts to break through the doors, the CBV01 hosts eventually succeed in rushing through the doors as the debris is flung about the Pediatrics hub. There are two hosts, both in the early phases of stage 2. They continue to cry out and frantically sniff at the air, attempting to acquire a target.

The two CBV01 hosts begin to move further into the Pediatrics wing and separate. One host (a black male in hospital scrubs with protrusions reaching up to 1.5′ in length) remains in the main hub, drawing gradually closer to Room 3. The other host (a white female in a hospital gown with protrusions already extending over 2′ in length) stalks awkwardly through the hub and towards the hall.


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