Which Emotional Color Are You?


Are you an angry blood red? A cheerful, feminine pink? Dense orange? Pure white, royal blue, mystic purple or fierce black? Or are you a combination of many shades that you handpick every moment from the menu card of emotions to paint the House of Life?

Angry Reds: A rich color that signifies a mercurial emotional profile, given easily to quicksilver temper, feelings of revenge, judgment and superiority. Tolerance levels are generally low. Red emotions bring instability and uncertainty and are best avoided as the predominant emotional complexion.

Feminine Pinks: As feminine as a silvery laugh or tinkling little bells, pinks are fluid and nurturing chords amplifying the qualities of love, softness and gentleness. They are the epitome of sweetness, empathy and inner strength and bring forward the ability to join people together rather than split them apart. Pinks symbolize the Creator quality of the world.

Temperamental Oranges: An amalgam of feminine pinks with a strong undercurrent of angry red, these emotions are tempestuous. Nurturer Pink clashing with Dominant Red — gentleness undercut by repressed rage. Sometimes the pink wins and in some situations the red emerges strong. These emotional profiles are quick to judge another, but equally quick to melt in compassion. They can be kindness, sweetness, aggression and willfulness all in one bundle.

Royal Blues: These are calm, still waters — eons deep. They personify steadfastness, stability, quiet command and individuality. These are kingly/queenly emotions, often misinterpreted as haughty and withdrawn. Blues personify the voice of reason, the vein of intellect, yet a sensitive understanding, denoting a sky-high emotional quotient. A rich harvest of blues in an emotional makeup makes for a successful, sensitive problem solver.

Serene Whites: These are angel like qualities. Soothing, with the hand of guidance and unconditional love. Bringing happiness no matter what the situation. Serenity like the cool shade of a fruit laden tree in a hot spot. More of whites in an emotional complexion denote the comfort providers of this world — the ones whose wise counsel seems like a healing balm to people in distress. Whites are the guides and helper qualities. 

Mystic Purples: An emotional pillar that can stand up by itself. It needs no other to complete it — or to compete with it. Purples are highly evolved, spiritually strong, majestic qualities. They are active participants in the world, yet untouched by it. The vibrancy and sheer power of purple washes away the grey shades of negativity and control. This emotional color goes into the making of towering personalities and magnetic, powerful teachers. Purples represent the Preserver quality of the world.

Fierce Blacks: These are paradoxical qualities of compassionate destruction. They denote a sheer, raw energy that is untrammeled and unbound by any known forces in existence. A fiercely soft energy that works to uproot all evil — because of its overwhelming compassion, deep love for mankind. These are the rarest of rare emotional profiles, to be found very seldom. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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