Take As Many Selfies As You Want, Because Loving Yourself Is Beautiful


They call you vain when you post up a selfie,
It’s something that you shouldn’t do,
Because, thin eyebrows, acne scars and double chins? Like eww!
Cover those shits up with make up, already.

They say things like, you’re not even good looking to start with,
Stay where you belong – behind walls, behind masks, behind other people,
Keep your head down when you walk the streets,
Because no one wants to see your big nose and dark circles.

They roll their eyes when they see your selfies,
Because oh boy, you must be so desperate for approval and attention,
They roll their eyes even more when you put up a self-love caption,
Because oh boy, no one cares, please.

They judge and make remarks so easily,
That’s because love, they don’t see the scars on your wrists,
the tear-stained clothes, or the nights you spent wishing you are a different person,
They have no clue how much courage it takes for you to put up your face for the world to see,
They don’t know how good it feels to still be able to have that smile on your face,
After endless criticisms from everyone else and yourself.

So love, take as many selfies as you want to, as you are able to.
Smile, be dead-pan, pout, make silly faces, with make-ups, without make up,
However the fuck you want to, really.
Because I believe, it’s not easy when it’s easier to stay hidden.
I know it’s difficult, when everyone including yourself think you belong to the rejects section.

But love, I hope you know this,
It’s okay to feel good about yourself.
It’s okay to want to feel good,
and it’s okay if taking selfies and posting them up is a way to feel good.

Because love, it’s okay to want to be seen,
even when your insecurities scream at you to hide away.
even when you don’t feel or fit into society’s idea of beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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