I Want A Love Like Monday

iulia Pironea
iulia Pironea

I want a love like Monday.
The kind that slowly rolls over to my side and wakes me up after a long, lazy weekend.

I want a love like Monday,
The kind that understands when I say that I want to do things on a slower pace because I’ve been so worn out after Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
The kind that doesn’t rush me into things because they understand how I need time to mend this heart after one too many heartbreaks.

I want a love like Monday,
The one that listens to me grunt about how they give me the blues but yet doesn’t leave me, Instead, they make me a stronger coffee β€˜cause that’s how much they adore me.

I want a love like Monday.
Because despite the extra hectic traffic and grumpy faces, Monday goes on.
Just like how I want our love to be able to withstand the bad days and ordeals that will be thrown in our ways.

I want a love like Monday.
The one that doesn’t promise that tomorrow or the days after, will turn out to be fine, But with their trembling hands, shaky voice combined with mine,
we are ready to take on the world together.
Because together, we are a set of steady hands with voices loud enough to be heard.

I want a love like Monday.
The kind that pulls me back to reality when I’ve drifted too far away,
The kind that is sometimes harsh, not always exciting but never fails to make me feel as if the week is incomplete without them.

I want a love like Monday.
Even if it doesn’t make people say “Thank God, It’s Monday!” or has no restaurant named after it,
Just like how I know, our love won’t be all over billboards or being sung in songs and acted out in movies,
I still want a love like Monday,
Because, I am done trying to escape reality through Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Because, I am done with the idea of fleeting happiness and flings.

I want a love like Monday.
The kind that waits for me to stop wishing and running away
while reminding me in a subtle way that I am alive,
learning from my mistakes, and there’s nothing that I should run away from.
Because if I ever fail, crash and burn – Monday’s always just there waiting, for me to start fresh.

I want a love like Monday. TC mark


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