10 Things Our Parents Never Told Us


1. That sex and power are pretty much the currency of life.

2. That they’re not gods; mom and dad have crippling fears and insecurities too, and they’re vulnerable. They have limitations and someday, in some way we may succeed them.

3. That all men have a penis, like dad does, and that when all the blood goes to it, their brain stops working.

4. That they have sex. And all those years, while we were safely snuggled in bed with our teddy bears and blankies, they were were gettin’ down an’ dirty.

5. That love can be so all encompassing and intoxicating and then all at once it can cut like broken glass. Sharp, long and deep. But that one day that will just become a hazy memory.

6. That ultimately in life we are alone. We’re born alone and we’ll die alone.

7. That following our dreams can be really hard. Harder than they ever said.

8. That some people are just fucked up. Period.

9. That in some countries, when poor people get sick, they don’t have the choice of going to the doctor.

10. That life will become more and more about money and career and less and less about play-doh and pajama parties. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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