Violet Young

Love Letter To A Near Stranger

You don’t strain the way I do to maintain a facade of order and rhythm. You just are. And in your presence I just am: I feel normal.

The Urge To Rip Up Love And Start Again

The problem of being me, I’m slowly starting to believe, is not a curse to be carried tiredly through life, or to be mollified by reckless pleasure-seeking (I’ve tried that). Instead it’s a challenge. A worthy challenge.

Abstract Love Is Better Than No Love At All

Give me another dose, I say, and move determinedly towards him. He needs encouragement, I say, once I get there and find him desperately trying to shirk the flawless shell I insist he wear in my presence.

Love Is A Hopeless Place

I cannot see the middle of a relationship at the beginning, but I can see the end from the middle. I know that there will be an end. There has to be. This is just a stop on the road.

The Summer Kingdom

I think about the things we’ve done when we’re away from this place, and I wonder whether once we get far enough away from its gravitational pull, we spin off our axes, we lose our way.

The Coffee Shop

As I enter the shop on any given morning, he becomes ebullient, or so it seems, and so do I. Recently I’ve taken to looking at the ground to hide the fact that I’m smiling.

I’m Finally Letting You Go

For years I have been trying to impress you from afar. An unintended consequence of this is that I have, now and then, been able to impress myself.