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The Favorite Ex

My soul never stepped inside another person’s so easily as it stepped into yours. I felt safe in there. Nothing changed. I was just physically there with you. It was a world without mirrors.

The Urge To Rip Up Love And Start Again

The problem of being me, I’m slowly starting to believe, is not a curse to be carried tiredly through life, or to be mollified by reckless pleasure-seeking (I’ve tried that). Instead it’s a challenge. A worthy challenge.

Love Is A Hopeless Place

I cannot see the middle of a relationship at the beginning, but I can see the end from the middle. I know that there will be an end. There has to be. This is just a stop on the road.

The Summer Kingdom

I think about the things we’ve done when we’re away from this place, and I wonder whether once we get far enough away from its gravitational pull, we spin off our axes, we lose our way.

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