An Ode To Miley Cyrus

JStone /
JStone /

Oh Andy Cohen, god of celebrities
We present you with our tragic hero Miley Cyrus (the queen bee)

Began as a child actress that was a star
Acted on Hannah Montana with a guitar

In 2010, she moved onto movies in The Last Song
Where she met Liam, who turned out to be wrong

From there, she wrote a song about a wrecking ball
Expressing her feelings after they got into a brawl

She was named Artist of the Year in 2013
Now she rides around in her limousine

Always down to party in the USA
Maybe that is why she is in tabloids everyday

With talk about her tongue and her new, crazy hair
She has her own worries so she does not f**king care

Now she tries to do her own thing
In Hollywood where she just wants to sing Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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